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Spinal Nerve Root Surgery in India for the Treatment of Nerve Root Disorders

Ms. Aline Samson, Canada
Spinal Nerve Root Surgery for her mother

spinal nerve root surgery, spinal nerve root treatment India, spinal nerve root treatment, nerve disorder, nerve disorder India Dheeraj Bojwani Group has tied up with best Spine hospitals in India, wherein the far away patients all across the world come for Spinal Nerve root surgery for the treatment of nerve root disorders. Spine surgery in India has made tremendous progress in the past few years. Here, you will get excellent, state of the art medical facilities at a price that is about 60 – 80 % lower when compared to the West. Recently, Mss. Aline Samson’s mother had her Spinal Nerve root surgery in India. She shares her experience with us.

I am Aline Samson from Canada and glad to share with you my experience in regards to my mother’s Spinal nerve root surgery in India. I guess it was our good deed that we have done some day in our live that helped me find Dr.Dheeraj Bojwani Group who arranged eveything for my mother’s Spinal nerve root surgery in India. I really owe to them for such high class arrangements for my mother Spinal nerve root surgery. Prior to surgery, my mother’s life was horrible. She could not do any of the things she wanted to do. She woke up at 5:00 am everyday in extreme pain. It got to the point that she did not care to live anymore!! Thank GOD for Dr.Dheeraj Bojwani Group, who came as asaviour into her life!

Once in contact with Dr.Dheeraj Bojwani Group and everything was a quick go. I could not believe it, nor did my mother. After going through their site, I realized that the packages offered for various medical treatments including Spinal nerve root surgery in India were quiet affordable and was within my reach, and traveling for this is an easy course of action. I then dropped them an e-mail about my mother’s Spinal nerve root surgery. Interestingly, I got an instant reply followed by a call. The executive collected medical history and reverted to me within 48 hours with some viable solutions pertaining to her Spinal nerve root surgery in India. The package offered for her treatment was competent or rather too lucrative to reject. After discussing further with mother and few close friends, we decided to fly to India for Spinal nerve root surgery.

The surgery was done while she was totally asleep. An intravenous catheter started and then the anesthesiologist used IV medications to make her comfortable. A catheter was placed in her bladder if the surgery was planned to take a long time. Spinal nerve root surgery is performed with the patient lying on his or her stomach with a small incision made in low back. The METRxSystem is used to gain access to the spine by separating the fibers of the skin and muscle. A microscope or an endoscope is used to look down the tube and visualize the spine. The bone over the nerve root is exposed and then a portion of this is removed to expose the nerve root. The disc is visualized underneath the nerve root. Part of the disc is removed with special instruments taking any remaining disc pressure off of the nerve. The operation is completed when the low back incision is closed in several layers. Dissolving suture material is used and a waterproof dressing is applied so that she could shower. The anesthesiologist awakened her and was observed in the recovery room. After being operated on for one and a half hours, she was out of the hospital three hours after arriving. A miracle! The following day after the follow up, she walked around two miles at a museum, drove sixty miles to an aquarium and walked about one more mile.

Dr.Dheeraj Bojwani Group has partnered with the leading hospitals in India to enable our overseas clients to have the opportunity to access world class quality medical treatments at very affordable prices. These hospitals have a large pool of doctors, nurses, and support staff ensuring individualized care. At this juncture, let me thank everyone including my medical consultant, and the surgeon who performed my mother’s Spinal nerve root surgery in India. May God bless them all!

Thank you!!!
Aline Samson

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