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Cost of Pituitary Tumor Surgery in India

Plan your Pituitary Tumor Surgery in India with Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants

The Pituitary gland is a pea-sized structure is the master gland, that pituitary controls the other glands of the endocrine system and keeps hormone levels in check. Pituitary Tumor is the tumor is a mass of cells that grow on the gland, they are usually benign but it is better to remove them before they turn malignant and start causing damage to the body. Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants is a premier medical tourism company in India offering services of the most sought-after surgeons to the international patients, at affordable rates in India.

How things function at Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants

  1. Fundamental care : Our company assists international patients with the arrangement of medical visa, accommodation for the patient and family, meals, appointment with surgeons, lab tests, etc.
  2. Veteran experts : Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants has ties only with the best surgeons and hospitals in India, an eminent prospect while in treating any medical condition anywhere.
  3. Ethical : Receiving treatment in India with Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants ensures utmost care to maintain ethics in meeting the patient's need.
  4. Affordable : The cost involved in the treatment, your stay, flight tickets, meals etc is nearly 25% of the expenses in western countries.
  5. Other services : Quick visa letter, flight ticket bookings, language translators, foreign exchange facility, hotel arrangement, vacation tours and plans.

Pituitary Tumor, Its Origin, and Its Function:

Pituitary Tumour Surgery and Treatment in India

The endocrine system in the human body is made up of glands that secrete ‘Hormones.’ The Pituitary gland is one such master gland which is located at the base of the brain just behind the nose. The pituitary controls the other glands of the endocrine system and keeps hormone levels in check. The function of this master gland is to secrete many essential glands such as listed below.

  • Adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH)
  • Antidiuretic hormone (ADH)
  • Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH)
  • Growth hormone
  • Oxytocin
  • Prolactin
  • Thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH)

Af(adenomas) is a mass of cells like any other Tumor in different parts of the body. Pituitary Tumors are known for their non-metastatic nature, meaning they do not spread outside the skull. Generally, pituitary Tumors are benign and slow-growing, and pituitary cancers are sporadic. Depending on the affected segment, pituitary Tumor is categorized as anterior pituitary and the posterior pituitary.

What is the Cost of Pituitary Tumors Treatment and Surgery in India?

  • The average cost of Pituitary Tumors Surgery in India ranges around Rs. 3,20,000 ($4,000) to 6,40,000 ($8,000). The cost of surgery depends upon the patient's current situation, the types of surgery requires, specialized surgeons at top hospitals, etc.
  • India offers cost-effective medical services in the world without compromising on quality. This enables patients to regain control of their lives through opting for private overseas healthcare and surgery in India.
  • The medical healthcare costs for pituitary Tumors are lower than that in other medical tourism destinations such as Belgium, France, and Germany.
Types of Pituitary Tumor Surgery / Treatment / Managements USA UK India Thailand Singapore
Open Surgery $25,000 $20,000 $5,000 $6,500 $7,500
Transphenoidal Endoscopic Tumour Removal $40,000 $32,000 $5,500 $6,800 $8,500
Radiation Therapy $20,000 $16,000 $3,600 $4,500 $5,500
Stereotactic Radiosurgery $38,000 $30,000 $5,700 $7,000 $8,800
Gamma Knife Surgery $45,000 $36,000 $6,500 $8,000 $9,500
Chemotherapy $8,000 $6,400 $1,500 $1,800 $2,000

What are the Types of Pituitary Tumors?

Pituitary Tumors are categorized into:

1. Non-functioning Tumors/Non-Secretory Tumors: The hormonally quiet Tumor multiply rapidly to the point of lifting and stretching the optic nerves and other cranial nerves. These Tumors can grow to be quite significant as they do not signal their presence with an excess of hormones. They are usually diagnosed when symptoms of compression are noted. Non-functioning Tumors may also interfere with the pituitary gland's average production of hormones.

Some of the symptoms of Non-Secretory Tumors, including:

  • Loss of peripheral vision
  • Decreased energy
  • Hair loss
  • Low blood pressure
  • Weight gain
  • Impotence
  • Menstrual irregularity

2. Functioning Tumors/Secretory Tumors: Functioning Tumors are those that produce excessive amounts of specific hormones, each with its own set of symptoms. Functioning/ Secretory pituitary Tumors are named after the hormone they secrete Prolactin (PRL) Tumors - PRL Tumors are the most common pituitary Tumor. PRL stimulates lactation in women. PRL Tumors cause excess PRL production.

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Symptoms of PRL Tumors include:

  • Irregular menstrual cycles or cessation of menses (amenorrhea)
  • Loss of body hair
  • Decreased sex Drive
  • Growth Hormone (GH) Tumors
  • Inappropriate production of milk
  • In men, excess PRL leads to impotence, infertility, erectile dysfunction.

Symptoms for GH Hormones:

  • Excessive production in children causes gigantism
  • Acromegaly: leads to enlargement of the hands, feet, and jaw
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Hypertension
  • Some develop colon polyps and cancer.
  • Degenerative arthritis
  • Excess sweating
  • Coarsened facial features
  • Misaligned teeth

Growth Hormone, among other things, helps the body deal with stress and disease. ACTH Tumors are a reason for 15 percent of pituitary Tumors. Pituitary Tumors are more common in women than men. Cushing's synDr.ome can be a result of many things, including excessive intake of commonly prescribed medications containing steroids. ACTH Tumor symptoms include Hypertension and excessive hair growth, Exaggerated facial roundness, Muscle weakness, Stretch marks, Bruising, Depression, Centripetal obesity, Osteoporosis.

3. Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) Tumor – Thyroid gland is stimulated by TSH to secrete thyroid hormone, which regulates metabolism. TSH Tumor is very rare as compared to other pituitary Tumors.

Symptoms of Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) Tumors:

  • Excess production leads to hyperthyroidism
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Rapid or irregular heartbeat
  • Nervousness or irritability
  • Diagnosis of Pituitary Tumors:

    These Tumors are challenging to diagnose in, particularly in the early stage. Though non-functioning Tumors may not cause any symptoms until they grow larger

    Preliminary Diagnosis:

    1. Biochemical Testing - Blood and Urine Test are used to measure hormone and to detect excess production or deficiency. Often, further hormone stimulation or suppression testing is needed.
    2. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Scan
    3. MRI Scan Magnetic Resonance Imaging – It is the standard imaging test for pituitary Tumors, uses magnetic fields and radio waves to generate Tumor images. MRI can quickly identify large cysts of the pituitary gland as well as small Tumors. But MRI may not detect Tumors lower than 3 millimeters.
    4. Petrosal Sinus Sampling- ADr.enocorticotropic (ACTH) hormone-secreting pituitary Tumors are often too small for detection by MRI scans. When patients have blood or urine tests indicating excess ACTH production, but MRI results are average, petrosal sinus sampling testing is done. This test determines if an ACTH-secreting pituitary Tumor is present and also can help define its location.
    5. Biopsy - A biopsy is occasionally recommended by your doctor for final verification. Pituitary Tumors can be examined under a microscope before or after surgery to determine the Tumor type.

    What are the Treatments for Pituitary Tumors in India?

    Medications can help in blocking excess hormone secretion and can sometimes shrink certain types of pituitary Tumors. Specific blocking agents that your surgeons could use are as follows:

    • Prolactin hormone-producing Tumors are treated with Dopamine agonists like cabergoline, bromocriptine.
    • Growth hormone-producing cysts can be treated with bromocriptine and cabergoline. Somatostatin analog is very helpful in decreasing the size of a Tumor.
    • Excess growth hormone production is blocked successfully by Pegvisomant.
    • If blockers are ineffective, surgical treatment is the only option for the patients and their doctors to perform. The effectiveness of surgery depends on Tumor type, location, size, and whether it has spread into nearby tissues. The damaged pituitary gland is treated by replacing the missing hormones with pills or other forms of hormone replacement.

    • Transphenoidal Endoscopic Tumor Removal: The Pituitary Tumor is removed through the nasal cavity using a microscope and endoscope-assisted technique with no visible incisions. This technique also requires a shorter operating time and hospital stay than the traditional method. Most patients stay in the hospital overnight and experience a dull headache for several hours up to several days after surgery. If the Tumor is small, the cure rates after surgery are about 70-80%. If the Tumor is large or has affected the nearby eye nerves or brain tissue, removing the entire Tumor becomes more difficult.
    • Radiation Therapy: In this therapy, high-frequency rays destroy the Tumor cells. The treatment is recommended if the pituitary Tumor returns.
    • Conventional Therapy/ External-beam Radiation: In External-beam radiation therapy, radiation is directed at the pituitary from a source outside the body. Though this therapy has Dr.awbacks such as it can take years before the Tumor growth and till hormone production are fully regulated.
    • Stereotactic Radiosurgery
    • Stereotactic Radiosurgery: It is the most commonly recommended surgery. This technology allows an intense and high dose of radiation beam targeted directly at the Tumor to deliver the Tumor with minimal exposure to surrounding healthy tissue. Unfortunately, this therapy cannot be used for Tumors nearby essential nerves, for example, optic nerves.
    • Proton Beam Radiotherapy: A beam of protons is directly focused on the Tumor.
    • Fractionated Stereotactic Radiotherapy: This technique delivers carefully targeted radiation to areas of Tumor growth throughout multiple therapy sessions that provide smaller units of radioactivity.
    • Gamma Knife Radiosurgery: Along with the convenience of a single treatment, Gamma knife has the advantage of delivering a high dose of radiation while minimizing the risk of damage to the nearby visual nerves and normal pituitary gland.
    • Treatment Options for Complicated Cases Transcranial Tumor Removal: Usually, it is the procedure for large and complicated Tumors.
    • Chemotherapy: This therapy can reduce over-production of hormones from pituitary Tumors, or block the effects of these hormones. This is one of the best options when the Tumor has spread beyond the gland.

    Pituitary Macroadenoma Surgery at Goa in India: Nigerian Patient Story

    International Patient Experience

    Mrs.Okoh from Nigeria
    Pituitary macroadenoma surgery at Goa in India
    Hello, I’m Mrs Okoh, from Nigeria. A few months back, I was diagnosed with pituitary macroadenoma, and my local physician suggested me to go under immediate surgery. It scared me, but my family knew that we had to act fast as the progression of the disease was increasing day by day, and furthermore damage could kill me. But here in Nigeria, the medical facilities aren’t so excellent, and I knew I had to travel abroad to fix the condition that I was diagnosed with.

    After a rigorous Google search we found Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants, I watched some of the patient’s testimonials from the website and was convinced to get my surgery in India. Dheeraj Consultants offered the treatment at costs that we could afford. After completing the procedure, we came to Goa, India for the treatment. The cancer surgeons were very supportive and skilled, which further relaxed us and they were quite positive about the surgery as well.

    Pituitary Tumor Surgery in India was successful, and I am recuperating fast. I thank Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants and his team for their assistance and being there in every step of the way.

    What are the Benefits of Treatment for Pituitary Tumors?

    • Since different treatments are available for Pituitary Adenoma. The specific type of Tumors, evaluation, and treatment of the disease are readily accessible. Treatments used today are less intensive and more effective than procedures used in the past which makes a recovery after surgery quicker.
    • Pituitary Tumors surgery in India is usually very successful, although many people will have to continue taking hormone replacements for the rest of their lives. Patients are advised just the occasional blood test to check on their hormone level.
    • Even large Tumors and Tumors that have invaded nearby structures are now able to be removed with surgery.

    Why prefer India for Pituitary Tumors Treatment and Surgery?

    Why prefer India for Pituitory Tumours Treatment and Surgery in India?
    • Extremely high standard of quality care is maintained in all the major hospitals and other medical centers of India.
    • It is essential to consider the treatment options for pituitary Tumors very carefully. India offers extremely best pituitary Tumor surgeons and health professionals.
    • Medical and health care services in India are attracting over a million patients every year and have made India a popular destination for different types of medical treatment, surgical procedure, and complementary therapies.
    • All the major hospitals have highly experienced and internationally trained doctors who are adept in handling advanced treatment and surgeries, including Pituitary Tumor treatment and surgery.
    • Best Pituitary Tumors Treatment and Surgery international and domestic packages.
    • Best Neuroendoscopic Surgery Hospitals in India with the benefits of top-notch medical facilities.
    • Top Neurosurgeons in India, who are trained and experienced in their respective fields.

    Cities offering best Pituitary Tumors Treatment and Surgery in India are :


    Patient from Nigeria – Mr. Oshiokpu Azuka shares his Pituitary Tumor Surgery Experience India

    Spine Surgery Experience in India
    Mr. Oshiokpu Azuka from Nigeria

    Living with Pituitary Adenoma is very fearful as it affects the patient’s brain. The procedure for pituitary Tumor surgery is performed through Dr.illing a hole in the skull, which in itself is a challenge for the surgeon and can cause complications. This kind of operation would have cost a fortune anywhere else in the world, but I’m lucky that I found the expert doctors at Dheeraj Bojwani Group who has not only removed the Tumor successfully, but they did it without costing me everything. The pituitary Tumor surgery cost in India is very affordable. Not only the surgeons are well experienced, but also the infrastructure and equipment were of state of the art quality, which is second to none in the world.

    Best Pituitary Tumor Surgery Specialists in India are as follows:

    • Dr. V S Mehta
    • Dr. V P Singh
    • Dr. Rana Patir
    • Dr. Aditya Gupta
    • Dr. V K Jain
    • Dr. Rajan Shah
    • Dr. Pervez Ahmed Khan
    • Dr. V.K.Rajoria
    • Dr. Atma Ram Bansal
    • Dr. Mukul Varma
    • Dr. Praveen Gupta
    • Dr. Anand Kumar Saxena
    • Dr. S Dinesh Nayak
    • Dr. Nitin Sampat
    • Dr. Dinesh Sarin
    • Dr. Vinit Suri

    Consult the Top Pituitary Tumor Surgeon of India Click Here

    Top Pituitary Tumor Surgery Hospitals in India are as follows:

    • Paras Hospital, Gurgaon
    • Medanta Hospital, New Delhi
    • Artemis Hospital, Delhi
    • Max Hospital, New Delhi
    • Nanavati Hospital, Mumbai
    • BLK Super Speciality Hospital, New Delhi
    • InDr.aprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi
    • Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon
    • Fortis Flt. Lt. Rajan Dhall Hospital, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi
    • Max Super Specialty Hospital, Gurgaon
    • Primus Super Speciality Hospital, New Delhi
    • Pushpawati Singhania Research Institute, New Delhi
    • Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurgaon
    • Rockland Hospital, Qutab, New Delhi
    • Moolchand Hospital
    • Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai

    How many International patients came to India for Low-Cost Pituitary Tumor Surgery?

    India is becoming a popular medical tourism spot as the Low-Cost Pituitary Adenoma Surgery in India. When in contrast to the first world countries like, US and UK, medical care in India costs as much as 60-90% lesser, that makes it an excellent option for the citizens of those countries to opt for Pituitary Tumor surgery in India because of availability of Top Pituitary Tumor Surgery Hospitals in India, affordable prices strategic connectivity, food, zero language barrier and many other reasons.

    To get free no obligation Quote For Pituitary Tumour Surgery in India:

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    Phone Numbers Reach Us-
    India & International : +91-9860755000 / +91-9371136499
    UK : +44-2081332571
    Canada & USA : +1-4155992537

    Some of the common countries from which patients travel to India for surgery are:

    AustraliaNew ZealandNigeria
    Sri LankaBangladeshPakistan

    Below are the downloadable links that will help you to plan your medical trip to India in a more organized and better way. Attached word and pdf files gives information that will help you to know India more and make your trip to India easy and memorable one.

    Click icon to Download Document
    About IndiaClick Here to Download Word DocumentClick Here to Download PDF Document Destinations in IndiaClick Here to Download Word DocumentClick Here to Download PDF Document
    Indian Embassy ListClick Here to Download Word DocumentClick Here to Download PDF Document Medical Tourism FAQClick Here to Download Word DocumentClick Here to Download PDF Document
    Visa For IndiaClick Here to Download Word DocumentClick Here to Download PDF Document    
    FAQ - Pituitary Tumour Surgery Treatment India Book Appointment
    How can I get Best Pituitary Tumor Surgery and Treatment in India?
    Accessing the best Pituitary Tumor Surgery in India is easy when done with Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants. Send us your medical report and we will find the right treatment for you.
    What is the best treatment for a pituitary tumor?
    There are many successful treatment procedures for the tumor, but most preferred is the Gamma Knife surgery as it is minimally-invasive and causes less blood loss.
    If a tumor was successfully removed why are regular visits, blood tests and MRI scans necessary?
    It is important to keep a vigil so as to check whether there is re-growth of the tumors, and to follow treatment if there are any.
    What are the side effects of radiation?
    Most common side effect is loss of normal pituitary function, which may occur within a year or many years after treatment. Studies of Gamma Knife focused radiation suggest that about one-third of patients develop a pituitary hormone deficiency 2 to 3 years after treatment. Though these cases are rare, ask for a free no obligation opinion from our medical experts.
    Does a pituitary tumor shorten life expectancy?
    A pituitary tumor does not usually shorten life expectancy if it is treated properly and if the patient receives appropriate hormone replacement.

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