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Parotid salivary gland tumor surgery, Parotid salivary gland tumor removal surgery India, Parotid salivary gland tumor surgery experience

Parotid Salivary Gland Tumor Surgery in India - Surgical treatment for partial or complete removal of the parotid gland

parotid gland removal surgery, surgical treatment, partial removal parotid gland tumor Mrs. Daula and her son visited India for her son’s Parotid salivary Gland tumor surgery in India. Mrs. Daula’s son was diagnosed with Parotid salivary gland tumor. He was having this problem since long time and was taking treatment for it but still he was not happy with the outcome. Then his doctor advised him to get Parotid Gland tumor surgery and the doctor also suggested her to get it done through Dr.Dheeraj Bojwani Group as it is the best healthcare consultant in India.  

Mrs. Daula says “When we came to India, we were in a dilemma. My son was very ill with a serious Parotid salivary gland tumor. We were so frightened. But today, we live with happiness in our minds and gratitude in our hearts for Dr.Dheeraj Bojwani and his company. We are equally thankful to the assistants of Dr.Bojwani who helped us in India during my son’s Parotid salivary gland tumor surgery. The hospital staff looked into every detail for my son. I think it is wonderful to have such a magnificent medical facility here in India.  

The accommodation we stayed in was better than excellent, we were placed in a private room where we had internet access, T.V and DVD and our own Refrigerator stocked with fresh fruits, bottled water and fruit juices, we also had tea and coffee making facilities and a private shower room. The hygiene level in the room was excellent with the room being cleaned every day and clean sheets and towels daily. We have found everyone from doctors and nurses to cleaning staff always helpful and smiling and nothing has been a bother. Right from the start my procedure has been fully explained in detail and doctor who operated my son gave excellent advice and explained everything before I could even ask.

Parotid salivary gland tumor surgery was performed under general anesthesia. The doctor makes an "S" shaped incision in front of the earlobe down to the neck. Thereafter, he or she removes the swollen area of the parotid gland. A thin plastic drainage tube is placed in the wound to remove excess fluids, and next the doctor closes up the incision. The wound normally heals quickly, leaving behind a faint scar. Patients typically feel pain and discomfort for 24 hours after Parotid salivary gland tumor surgery, but by the end of a week, the wound is normally pain-free.  The drainage tube is removed 2-3 days after the surgery.  Most of the swelling also resolves by this time.  Stitches or clips used during parotid gland removal surgery are usually removed 5-7 days after the procedure.    

My son was shifted to a recovery room after his Parotid salivary gland tumor surgery and was kept under observation for 2 days so to check any immediate complications, and was later discharged. He resumed most of his normal daily activities within few days after his Parotid salivary gland tumor surgery. The stitches were removed after two weeks and doctor provided instructions about recovery. The aftercare has been outstanding with medication readily available when needed. The total experience that we have had from Dheeraj Bojwani Group had been outstanding and I would have no hesitation in advising anyone else to do it. I am so pleased with the end result of my son’s Parotid salivary gland tumor surgery procedure.”    

May God bless You All!

Mrs. Daula


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