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Buttock Lift


What is it?

As we age our buttocks gradually changes shape by drooping and sagging. This can have harmful effects on one’s self image and sense of attractiveness. In the past, nothing could be done to correct this unfortunate circumstance. However, modern science has found a way to reverse nature’s aging process through plastic surgery. Buttock lift surgery can help an individual regain the confidence and youthful appearance aging has prematurely taken away.

A buttock lift is a surgical procedure that removes excess skin and fat to slim and contour the area under the buttocks. The procedure is particularly effective when flabby "orange peel" skin is present. In many cases, the buttock lift is performed in conjunction with a thigh lift, which removes excess fat and skin from the thigh region. Working with the experienced doctors and staff at The Metropolitan Institute for Plastic Surgery, you can determine the procedure that is right for you and be assured of the results you desire.

The best candidates for buttock lift surgery have poor skin tone in the buttock area. This is characterized by loose or excess skin, stretch marks and cellulite. Patients who suffer from poor skin quality cannot benefit from liposuction and can only improve the appearance of their buttocks through buttock lift surgery.

Ideal candidates are also in good physical and mental health and have realistic expectations about what plastic surgery can do for them.

Some Uncertainty and Risk

Any form of surgery has an amount of uncertainty and risk involved, and buttock lift surgery is no exception. Fortunately, when performed by Board certified plastic surgeons, the procedure is remarkably safe. Your plastic surgeon will address any concerns you may have during your consultation.

Before the Surgery

It is important to be honest about your expectations and goals while speaking with your plastic surgeon. As you plan the buttock lift surgery together, you will discuss the size, shape, and skin characteristics that you and your doctor hope to obtain through the operation. Your health history will be evaluated and the procedure will be planned and explained so that your plastic surgeon can operate safely and provide you with the results you desire.

The Surgery

While preparing for buttock lift surgery, your plastic surgeon will provide you with a set of guidelines for you to follow. These guidelines will include instructions on eating, drinking, smoking, and the use of certain vitamins or medications. You should also prepare for the surgery by arranging for someone to pick you up after the procedure, as you will still be feeling the effects of anesthesia.

  • Buttock lift surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia so that the patient is asleep and feels no pain during the operation. Anesthesia is selected based on the patient’s needs so that he or she is as comfortable as possible during and immediately following the procedure.
  • IThere are different buttock lift methods and procedures that can be employed based on the needs of the patient. Liposuction, implants, and lifts are all used to sculpt the buttock region into a desired shape. During a buttock lift, excess skin is removed and the buttock is raised to a higher position on the body. In combination with a lifet, some patients desire an augmentation that utilizes implants. This additional procedure may be performed at the same time or a later date.

To start the surgery, the doctor, makes an incision high on the lower area of the buttock in as inconspicuous a location as possible. In most cases, though the incision may be extensive, it is placed in a position that will allow you to wear a bathing suit and current clothing styles without the scar being visible. The exact placement of your incision will be discussed with you during your initial consultation.

Once the incision is made, the doctor removes excess fat and trims away unwanted skin. Stitches are then used to close the incision. Once the incision is stitched, gauze dressings and tape are applied over the surgical area.

After Your Surgery

After surgery, patients are fitted with a body garmentthat aides in the healing process and helps skin adapt to its new contours. Patients are able to return to work about two weeks after surgery, but swelling can be noticeable for several months. However, there is an immediate difference in the shape of the buttocks that is both dramatic and noticeable. Most patients are very pleased with the long-term results of their buttock lift surgeries.

Your New Look

Buttock lift surgery dramatically improves the appearance of your buttock and upper thigh region. Skin appears tighter and smoother. These results generally last five to ten years; however, large weight gain or pregnancy will affect how long the results last.

Occasionally drains are used to minimize fluid collection in the tissues. If a significant amount of liposuction is done at the time of your thigh lift you may go home with a girdle-like pressure garment in place.

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