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Low cost urosurgery at Goa in India

I am Victor from Kenya narrating my own experience during my Urosurgery at Goa in India. Before the surgery I was living my life in a great discomfort. Firstly I contacted with the local surgeon at Kenya. He tried his level best but Kenya lacked in medical infrastructure, latest technologies and surgical equipments so the doctor found it difficult to treat me. He himself suggested me to find a good surgeon in India for Urosurgery. Thanks to Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani who made my Urosurgery at Goa in India possible at a very low cost as compared to US and Europe. Therefore I decided to have my surgery in India. After sending all the case details I got the  medical appointment. After coming to India I was provided world class medical lodging  by Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants and met with the surgeon. He was very jolly and refreshing by nature. People at the Indian hospital were very nice and helpful. The whole medical staff was friendly with me. The hospitality provided to me was of world class level. The quality of food served to me was also excellent. Actually the food was very delicious! I am very much fond of good food. When I was coming to India for my Urosurgery at Goa in India I was very much afraid about my food but thank God! I got best quality and delicious food in India. I  heard that India is a very unhygienic country. But when I came to the hospital I found everything here really hygienic. The hospital where I was admitted had maintained all the standards of hygiene and quality. Everything was going well with me. By opting to get Urosurgery at Goa in India I saved a big amount of money which was really not possible anywhere else. Therefore I am very much happy with my decision getting surgery in India 
Thank you Dheeraj Bojwani consultants for making my life so beautiful!

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