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Low cost cosmetic  surgery at Goa in India

The testimonial is concerned with Mrs.Hussain from Tanzania who came to India for her  Cosmetic surgery at Goa. She was very much depressed by her saggy looks and nothing would help her out until she got her cosmetic surgery in India with success she says “ Whenever I went for outing with my friends, I was always the center of laugh for everyone. Sometimes I was very much disturbed by it. It was really very disheartening! It was a wise decision of mine to get a low cost Cosmetic surgery in India at Goa through Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani and it helped me to save more money and time. The decision to choose a good surgeon for cosmetic surgery was a difficult one for me right from the beginning. I was worried about the financial aspect, the surgery itself and the possibility of expected results I contacted Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants and collected all necessary information and  sent them all my case details via e-mail. They were very much concerned about my case. The cost of Cosmetic surgery at Goa in India was very low as compared to that of US and UK. I flew to India for surgery after my medical visa approval. I was very much worried about the surgery but after getting consultation  from the doctor it was all gone. The doctor was having a deep knowledge  about cosmetic surgery. He was very caring and enthusiastic. Cosmetic surgery in India at Goa had really done a miracle to me. Now I look more beautiful and attractive. I am very much thankful to Dheeraj Bojwani consultants for giving me such a beautiful look of which I was always fond of. If I have to recommend anyone for their surgery in India I will definitely recommend Dr.Bojwani. Thank You!”

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