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Dr. Anoop Gupta


We are an infertility clinic based in the heart of capital of India-New Delhi. We are into existence since 1994 and are focused on providing moral, emotional, ethical and most advanced technical support to couples trying out to find a solution to the maze of infertility.

We specialize in each and every aspect of infertility and provide comprehensive services in IUI, IVF, IVF - ICSI, Assisted Hatching, egg donation, embryo donation, surrogate motherhood, male infertility, natural infertility treatments, semen banking, embryo freezing, sexual and psychological problems and try to give moral and emotional support to our infertility patients.

We provide everything under one roof and make best possible efforts to help our patients to get pregnant in shortest possible time. With continuous efforts and hard work of our highly competitive staff, a "STATE OF THE ART" embryology culture lab, availability of embryologist round the clock, we are able to achieve an astounding success rate of 35-40%.

We aim to provide most advanced, competitive services of international standards at an affordable price and try to help you achieve your goal by providing practical alternative solutions.

Infertility - the inability to have children - affects approximately one in six couples of fertile age. The causes could be due to female or male factors, or a combination of both. Common beliefs that infertility was untreatable led many couples to lead meaningless and unfulfilled lives.

The fact is that infertility is both treatable and curable. And today, with global advances in infertility management and procedures, more and more couples can look forward to realizing their dreams.

Even in cases of no sperms, low sperm count, low motility, obstructive azoospermia, conditions like congenital absence of Vas, testicular dysfunction, Testicular atrophy, sertolicell only syndrome, maturation arrest. A couple can realize their dream of having their own child with the help of micromanipulation technique.

Since 1994, the Delhi IVF & Fertility Research Centre has been filling the gap, fulfilling a need and meeting the demand for state-of-the-art facilities in infertility management in India. With a dedicated set up under one roof, we have achieved an astounding success rate of over 40%.





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