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 Spinal cord surgery in India.


Indian hospitals provide utmost good and compassionate care to the international patients for less price spinal cord surgery in India. International patients are moving towards India in search of low cost medical treatment and Indian surgeons are providing it.  Medical tourism in India is providing with the world-class medical facility at advanced spine surgery hospitals in India at metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. Indian hospitals have number of experienced and highly qualified health experts for spinal cord surgery in India.  Indian hospitals always provide expected results to the patient seeking surgery in India with full satisfaction and spirit. Take a view of real patient testimonial experience that got their spine surgery at an Indian hospital.

Spinal cord surgery in India is one of the common surgeries which are operated at Indian spine surgery hospitals. The spine has of a series of bone blocks (vertebral bodies) which are separated from one another by discs of soft tissue. Within the structure of the spine sits a tunnel called the spinal canal. This tunnel contains the neurologic structures including the spinal cord and nerve roots. Although there is some free space between the neurologic structures and the edges of the spinal canal, this space can be reduced by many different conditions including injury to the spine. Spinal cord surgery refers to the condition in which spinal cord is treated to remove the injuries and traumas in the spinal cord. Arthritis of the small joints in the spine (facets) as well as thickening of ligaments and formation of bony spurs can all lead to gradual squeezing and irritation of neurologic structures. This process is usually gradual and can lead to symptoms such as pain with walking, a decreased endurance for physical activities, heaviness in the legs, tingling sensations, tightness and numbness in the legs with activity, and often associated low back pains. Spinal cord ranges from physical therapy to epidural injections and finally surgery in certain cases. Since patients affected by spinal cord injury are usually elderly, treatment must carefully be considered not only in the disease of spine but also the risks and benefits of treatment in each individual. Although the surgery and steroid injections into the affected area of the spinal cord can offer good relief in some patients, there are people who will only get temporary relief if at all. In patients who have failed in non-operative procedures spinal cord surgery is the final solution for them. Prior to designing a treatment plan for any individual, careful diagnosis must be made. This will often involve tests such as an MRI, CT scan, or myelogram and plain X-rays. In those patients who are candidates for spinal cord surgery, the goal is to free up the constricted regions of the spinal canal to ensure freeing the affected neurologic structures.

Indian hospitals of spine surgery ensure international patients for a successful outcome of their surgery in India. Indian medical tourism is assisting international patients for various medical treatments. Spinal cord surgery in India is available at a less cost with the international medical and healthcare facilities and one can also enjoy the exotic vacations in India by the agency of medical tourism. Indian medical tourism is providing many facilities to the international patients like:  scheduling a procedure, airport pick up & drop, travel arrangements (Local transportation and sight seeing), Translators (if required), Coordinating all appointments, Arranging accommodation for patients and attendants. So abroad natives can rely upon the quality of medical treatment in India and get spinal cord surgery at advanced spine surgery hospitals of Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai for details real patients’ experience of spinal cord surgery in India.




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