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Spine Surgery in India

Spinal Cord Surgery Cost in India making the Medical Tour to India very Rewarding


We all have been through a struggling time due to extreme back or Spinal pain. This is certainly one of the most common health issues that are highly prevalent today. There are many reasons behind this like the ageing process, traumatic injuries, abnormalities in the Spine structure and also can be due to improper body postures. Specifically, Spinal Cord Surgery can be any surgery that is done on the Spinal Cord or near it – can be Decompressive or Reconstructive, used for different Spinal Cord ailments.

In such a situation, there are surgeries that can prove very helpful. Some of the most common reasons why Spinal Cord surgery is required are:

  • Inborn Spinal Defect
  • Cervical Herniated Disc
  • Scoliosis
  • Spinal Cord damage due to an accident
  • Spinal Fractures
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Spinal Cord Tumours

Procedural Benefits

Each of Spinal Cord procedures is beneficial in its own way. As compared to the major procedures, the minimally invasive Spine surgeries are much preferred today because there is lesser amount of blood loss, shorter hospital stay, quick recovery, smaller incision and hence smaller scarring. Also, minimally invasive procedures are suitable for patients belonging to most of the age groups and health condition. After these procedures, with physiotherapy, the patients can get back to their routines soon along with assurance of long term benefits.

Spinal Cord Surgery
Cost of Surgery in India

One crucial benefit that makes India so very favoured as a healthcare tourism destination is the availability of excellent, most modern yet very cost effective treatment options and other healthcare services. Thus, when it comes to Spine treatment, there are extremely affordable Spinal cure accessible in India. The most reasonably priced Spinal Cord surgery cost in India makes coming to India a very rewarding destination. So the cost of Spinal Fusion surgery in USA is $62,000 but in India it is $5,500; also, the complex Spine surgery with Implants costs $13,500 in USA while in India it costs $7,500.

Why India for Spine Surgery?

In the list of countries offering good healthcare services, India is undeniably in an extremely advantageous position and is a much sought after wellness hub. There are a lot of benefits of availing treatment in India; particularly Spinal cure. The Spine hospitals of India are highly advanced and have totally dedicated Spine specialists, who are enormously qualified. These Spine doctors and surgeons have vast experience in this field and can deal with the most delicate Spine procedure with maximum meticulousness and confidence. Also, the array of Spine procedures is very much within the budget of the medical tourists; especially the Spinal Cord surgery cost in India is very sensibly priced. The success rate of these specialists is very high, which is all the more assuring for these patients.

Facilities by Best Medial Tour Consultants in India

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Some of the most attractive services that we offer are:

  • We have an extremely cordial bonding with the best hospitals across India, where we can arrange for you to get treated
  • The hospitals associated with us are highly advanced and the medical professionals empanelled with us are have vast knowledge and experience
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  • We ensure very affordable treatment packages
  • No waiting periods and timely treatment guaranteed
  • We believe strongly in maintaining a transparent and ethical approach
  • The safety and comfort of our patients is our top priority
  • We assure that the medical tour for our patients is a very gratifying experience

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There are many medical tourists across the globe, who look at India as a major ray of hope. But they might hesitate thinking that the whole process can be much complex or if they will be able to manage getting through the concerned appointments. Thus, while in India, Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants can help these medical tourists in getting the initial doctor’s appointment or consultation without any hassles. So without any hesitation, please contact us immediately to receive the best and timely Spinal cure.

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Back Pain during Pregnancy


Back Pain during Pregnancy

Some sort of discomfort and back pain are most commonly experienced by many women to an extent at the time of pregnancy. At any point of your pregnancy you can experience the problem of back pain, but sometimes it is most generally happens as the baby grows later in pregnancy.

The pain in your back can hinder your daily tasks or also creates the problem during your sleep. The best thing is that there are some of the best steps suggested by physicians to overcome this pain that pregnant women can experience.

How common is back pain during pregnancy?

In case when you are facing the problem of pain in the back at the time of your pregnancy, then do not worry, you are not alone who is facing the back pain problem. The chances varies shows in number of reports that the in number of cases of pregnant women around 50 to 70 percent of pregnant ladies facing the pain in the back.

What are the reasons that lead to back pain during pregnancy?

At the time of pregnancy the pain in the back is related to many factors. In some cases women start experiencing the pain in the lower back region at the beginning of pregnancy. Women who had the problem of back pain earlier to pregnancy and who are overweight are the most common cases that are experiencing the problem of back pain.

Here are the most common causes of the discomfort and back pain at the time of pregnancy:

  1. Additional weight
  2. Center of gravity
  3. Increase of hormones
  4. Posture or position
  5. Stress

prevent Back Pain

Some of the measure to prevent Back Pain:

There are times when back pain will not going to eliminate completely, but you can definitely reduce the frequency or severity with the mentioned things. Just read the few steps that can help you to reduce tha back pain symptoms:

  1. Avoid sleeping on your back
  2. Avoid high heels
  3. Consider having your back adjusted by a chiropractor
  4. Do exercise that support and help strengthen the back and abdomen.
  5. Elevating your feet is also good for your back
  6. Get plenty of rest
  7. Squat to pick up something instead of bending over
  8. Wear a support belt under your lower abdomen

prevent Back Pas

Treatment for back pain:

There are number of treatment options available for back pain and even surgery is an option, but during pregnancy surgery cannot be an option. Here are some methods:

  1. Braces or support devices
  2. Ice or heat
  3. Medications used to treat inflammation
  4. Sleep on your left side

5 Simple Guidelines To Keep Your Spine In Tip Top Shape

back pain

Got back pain?

The back pain is among the most common issues faced by people all across the world. Most of the back pain settles down with a number of non-surgical options, while few with major conditions would demand for back surgery. As per the medical experts based at the prestigious Indiana Spine Group in the US, claim that back pain is the top most chronic medical complaints in the United States. However, the good news is that there are several steps that you can consider that can help you in improving upon these symptoms and take care of your overall health of your spine right now, which involve nothing more than practicing better body mechanics when you carry out the daily tasks. The following are some of the simple but vital adjustments that can help in keeping the back pain at bay. Let’s check these 5 Simple Guidelines To Keep Your Spine In Tip Top Shape as under:

Here are simple yet important adjustments to make:

1). Lift right: Stand as closer to the object as s possible. You can use your legs rather than your upper body portion in order to pull up the items. Make sure you bend your knees so that your arms are found at the same height as that of the item. And don’t forget to keep your back straight. However, if you find the object to be very much heavy avoid lifting it yourself seek help from anyone close to you.

back pain1

2). Align your spine after 9: A human body needs a good sleep especially during the night time. This is where it helps repairing the body the best. Make sure you sleep over your side rather than your stomach. Sleeping over your stomach can exert too much pressure over your spine. At such junctures, pillows comes the best rescue, consider placing one pillow over your head and other behind your back for additional amount of support.

3). Stretch & stay active: By keeping you flexible can help you to maintain the function of normal joints the best and have a good range of motion. If you are starting your day with a couple of good stretches in the morning, it will not only help your body to be invigorating, but at the same time will boost your spinal health. Make sure you try some forward folds with the help of keeping your knees slightly bent. Now, stand tall and then reach out for the ceiling followed by exhaling from side to side. Carry out a couple of twists from side to side with your arms outstretched. Now, you need to jog,walk or carry out some work out sessions on several times a week.

back pain2

4). Maintain your ideal weight & hydrate: If you are overweight and have belly fat, you can put some added amount of stress on the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and over your lower back. Make sure you remain hydrated, which is simply as vital to your spine as it can be for your overall health.

5). Work smart: You are supposed to keep your workspace aligned as per your height and functionality. Consider a chair that renders a good back support along with ensuring the fact that your knees can rest at 90 degrees along with your feet and it should rest comfortably over the floor. Avoid cradling your phone in between your ear and shoulder. At the same time take regular short breaks and stand up, this will help in having a good mental health as well along with adding up your productivity level too.

So, if you are keen to keep your back pain at bay, make sure you follow all above five tips discussed. Remember, it really works!

Supplements to Keep a Healthy Spine

Healthy Spine

Now a day for impressive and better health claims individuals are getting more attractive towards supplements. Similarly there are some supplements that can help you manage your back and neck pain. But like any other method, supplements do have a hidden side along with having benefits; there are also some hidden facts about supplement that you are not aware about at first place. Some individual get benefit from supplement, while others face some side-effects, some supplements are completely safe, while other needs to consume with some cautions.

Supplements are nothing but an alternative type of treatment options. Here we are considering both types of supplement which includes:

  1. Dietary supplements
  2. Herbal supplements

Dietary Supplement: An Overview

Dietary supplements are one of the best alternative treatment options for those are suffering from neck and back pain which is not effectively treated with pain relievers. For inflammation and pain there are many herbs and dietary supplements are advertised for treatment. There are some individuals who get positive results from the herbal as well as dietary supplements in reducing and even relieving completely from the pain. But on the other hand it is crucial to know that these supplements are not magic pills which can treat pain or depression including the painful and chronic spine-related disorders.

Healthy Spine1

Dietary Supplements

Eating a healthy diet with full of whole grains, vegetables and fruits assists you in having and maintaining a good body shape. Foods like green and leafy vegetables which are high in anti-oxidants are proved helpful in fighting with inflammation. Some of the supplements are listed below here, which till date proved to be most effective for the people in getting rid of the pain and inflammation. But in order to avoid any kind of risks and side-effects you might need to your consultant dietician.

Some Dietary Supplements

Omega 3 Fatty Acids: This dietary supplement is ideal for the whole body which of course involve spine, and in addition to this provides benefits for brain and heart also. It helps in lessening the inflammation and also provides assistance to the fluid in between different parts of body. This little fluid offers comfort and support.

Glucosamine: The patients who are experiencing back-pain are always prescribed to have this supplement. This supplement has the property of offering support to each disc in the spine. When you consume it as prescribed you will get the effective support to avoid the pain and to reduce the inflammation.

Curry: Spice is what which referred with the word curry. With the backing of a study which is recently done at UCLA, it is proved that people who are consuming food with high in spices are having the better overall back and spinal health. The reason behind this is that the spices helps in relieving overall body inflammation, offers more mobility and lending lesser pain. The best thing about this supplement is that you can easily it in your food to consume.

Herbal Supplement:

Herbal Supplement

Herbal supplements are now utilized from centuries by almost all of the cultures ever exist in this world. These supplements are purely natural as are made with the composition herbs. Herbs are the plants with a distinctive aroma, flavor and medicinal advantages. If you are suffering from neck and back pain you can opt out for herbal supplements instead of conventional prescribed drugs.

However, still in early age we are consuming dietary supplement and vitamins in order to meet our basic needs of nutrition, herbal supplements are offering with some medicinal advantages also. Generally speaking, herbs can allow you to have back and neck with relieved pain and reduced inflammation.

Spine surgery for children: How safe it is?

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Though the spine disorders are often found in the adults, but at times even the children are seen suffering from the same. However, the reason for the back pain among children could be different than the adults, yet in the case of kids, you need immediate medical attention just to avoid any kind of untoward event with it. Fortunately, with advanced level medical treatment options to the high end hospitals, catering competitive solutions makes all the difference in fixing the back pain. Though there are several non surgical options that are available for fixing back pains, however, not all are effective for the same. So, when other non surgical options fail to work for the back pain, the surgical options of different kinds come into the picture. Now, let’s check certain spine surgery options for the kids and check how safe it would be to consider.

Common Spinal disorders among kids

Both the adults and kids have different disorders for the back pain they get. The following are some of the spinal disorders found among kids on a rare basis, which demands a medical attention including surgery:

  • Chiari Malformation Type 1 & 2: It is a displacement of some amount of the contents of the brain that goes towards the spine. Type 1 has no symptoms, while it is linked to conditions like syringomyelia. While the Type 2 is associated with several abnormalities found in the brain like hydrocephalus and myelomeningocele.
  • Dermal sinus: This is a small and deep opening found over the skin just overlaying over the spine and can be even attached to the spinal cord. Generally, it is located over the lower back close to the buttocks. This spinal issue among children are treated with a surgery with the help in removing the complete sinus tract.
  • Hydrocephalus:  It is the abnormal gathering of fluid inside the brain. The treatment deals in diverting this fluid to the other parts of your body in order to relieve pressure on the brain.
  • Lipomeningocele:  It is a fatty mass, which protrudes over and then attaches to any incompletely developed kind of spines.
  • Myelomeningocele: It is a kind of spina bifida aperta kind of condition, in which the underdeveloped spinal cord emerges through the vertebra and breaks through the skin. It is associated with Chiari malformation type 2.
  • Scoliosis: Abnormal curvature of the spine: This curvature may be seen progressing like the child grows. This may be present at birth or develop during the adolescence. A significant amount of curvature would need the corrective surgery.

The above are some of the common types of disorders found among kids, however, are more such conditions, which can at times affect the children.

The Spine Surgery For Children

The following are some of the spine surgical procedures popular for kids:

  • Detethering Repair: Releasing the stretch/ tension over the spinal cord that come along with issues like a scar, myelomeningocele, lipomyelomeningocele, or other causes can be sorted among kids with this treatment option.
  • Myelomeningocele Repair: The neurosurgeons are not often able to completely repair the spinal cord easily, however, with this process helps in internalizing the exposed spinal cord and thus secure it from the future injury and infection.
  • Decompression: The removal of disc, bone, and blood clot using this procedure, which helps in pushing over a nerve or spinal cord. This can be carried out using the same traditional open surgery option or with the help of a minimally invasive procedure.
  • Fusion: This procedure helps in stabilizing the bones found in the spine, which are structurally not stable and have certain abnormal motion. This procedure is often carried out using implanting titanium rods and screws, which is either carried out using the laparoscopic or open surgery approach.

Why Choose your Spine Surgery in India?

Besides the cost factor, the other factors which drive the international patients is the quality which is delivered. It is often goes par with international benchmark as practiced in the developed nations like the US or UK. India has a rich medical infrastructure; with most of the hospitals, catering various medical services happen to a top class modern treatment centres abreast with state-of-art technologies as witnessed in the developed nations. Whereas coming down to India isn’t a big deal, Indian government has no stringent rules applied to medical tourists, so getting a visa for your Spine surgery in India. Moreover, since India happened to have a British rule in the past, hence English is widely spoken, so it becomes easy for a foreign patient to interact.

Indian spinal surgeons are the most competent in performing various surgeries, as they have ample of experience of handling cases regardless of its complexity. Most of them are accredited from prestigious foreign universalities. They have a good success rate and are world renowned medical professionals known to cater service both India and abroad. Most of them are qualified and trained in developed nations like the US or UK from prestigious universities who have the history of producing skilled surgeons.

If you are really seeking Spine Surgery for Children, kindly fill up the form for a free consultation with our surgeons. You will be provided with thorough analysis and suggestions regarding the Spine Surgery for Children you are seeking for. CONSULT NOW!.

Spine Surgery India

Spine Surgery India

Maintain the right posture to avert spine problems.

We spend hours of the day in some activity. Go around like our lives depend on getting those things done, much to the chagrin of our own body. Our body depends on the spine for support and every physical activity we perform. The spine performs the three vital functions of supporting the body weight, providing flexibility in movement and protecting nerve roots and fibers. Minor injuries to the spine can generally be treated but sometimes it takes a lot more than ointments and ice bags. As pain aggravates with difficulty in moving, the most common option is spine surgery. Spine surgery is of different types and may involve disc replacement, spinal fusion, disectomy (removal of part of disc), lumbar laminectomy and many others.

The adult human spine, also known as the vertebral column, is a metal strong masterpiece of 26 bones. The composition includes 24 interspaced vertebrae set apart by cartilage, with the sacrum and coccyx at the end. There are nerve roots branching off from nerve fibers passing through small columns in the vertebrae. These nerves are connected to each specific body part, which explains the reason why injury to the spine can paralyze one body part and not the other, depending on the spinal nerve in question. There also are muscles of the spine known as paraspinal muscles, which provide for the motor movement and add flexibility to the spine. The muscles contribute to the movement of the vertebrae. The spinal column executes the crucial responsibilities of protecting the spinal cord, nerve roots, providing structural support to head, chest, shoulder, linking upper with lower body, bending, rotation, red blood cell production, and many other vital tasks. A problem caused due to injury, tumors, infection, bone changes with changes in age, adversely affect the spinal column. Spine problems often cause pain and pressure on the nerves often limiting movement. It is thus of the highest essence to take proper care of our physical pillars.

Spine problems can be different to different people with not many similar complaints of unrest. Abnormal curvature like in scoliosis, degenerated disc, herniated disc where the outer wall of a spinal wall tears, bulging disc where the outer wall of the spinal disc has weakened, instability

Spine Surgery India

A healthy spine for a healthy body.

due to misaligned vertebrae, broken or fractured vertebrae, stenosis which is the narrowing of the spinal canal, Spondylosis, and nerve-related problems. Wrong sitting or standing posture, long straight hours without stretching your body, poor body mechanics are the roots to several serious back disorders. Statistics show that 8 out of every 10 people suffer from some back problem during their lifetime. This number speaks for itself as to how badly our spines are ignored and affected.

Due to certain physical problems caused by outer injury or inner disorders, spine surgery is the last and the best way to regain or retain normalcy in one’s activities. After burning night candles, the medical fraternity around the world have found ways to bring the spine out of misery. With branches in form of different procedures like Spinal Disc Replacement, Discectomy, Spine Fusion, Cervical Spine Surgery, Laser Spine Surgery, Lumbar Laminectomy and many more, spine surgery has evolved to encompass treatment for all spinal column problems.

India has an ancient history of science and medicine, and the country has continued the legacy with modern approach to meet the current needs. Spine surgery in India has earned trust and recognition for successful treatments for affordable expenses. Surgeons in India are highly qualified and hold vast national as well as international experience in performing spine surgeries. Medical practices in India often include Ayurveda, Yogansana and Naturopathy as a part of the treatment procedure. Ayurveda is an ancient healing science and relives people of their worst disorders without any side effects. Travelling to another country for medical care can be strenuous.

Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants in India is an experienced medical tourism company in India providing excellent healthcare services to suit your budget. The organization has a team of the best professionals making the medical travel for international patients easy. Right from first consultation to accommodation in India, the group takes care of everything. Having association with several well-known hospitals and surgeons in India makes the team the most sought after medical tourism company in India.

Laser Spine Surgery India: An Introduction to the Disease

Laser Spine Surgery India

Laser Spine Surgery India


Laser Spine Surgery is a surgically invasive task that cures all pain and diseases related to the spine. The main specialty of laser spine surgery is that there is no need of opening the spinal canal in this procedure. Only small incisions are made in the spine whose length is less than ½ inch. The amount of blood loss in laser spine procedure is also minimal. Laser Spine Surgery is an endoscopic procedure that has successfully replaced old surgical methods of spine fusion treatments. Powerful laser beams help surgeons in the removal of spurs and other ailments like herniated discs.

Utility of laser spine surgery:

Laser spine surgery can treat the following spine diseases:

1)   Spinal bone spurs: Spinal bone spurs are also known as osteophytes. These spurs are enlarged forms of the normal bone structure of your body. They grow and afflict the surrounding tissues and organs. Spinal bone spurs cause pain and other ailments. Spurs can occur in any bone including your vertebrae.


2)   Bulging discs: Bulging of invertebral discs are very common. This condition causes disability and discomfort in many parts of the human body. The condition becomes more severe if the disc gets compressed along an adjacent nerve root. As the body ages the outer portion of the invertebral discs gets weakened.


3)   Spondylosis: With the process of ageing the content of water and protein decreases in the bones and cartilages of the body. All vertebral discs and parts of the vertebral column is partially made of cartilage. Cartilages are very often subjected to wear and tear. Destruction of protein and water content in the bones and cartilages is known as spondylosis.


4)   Spinal Stenosis: Spinal stenosis refers to the abnormal narrowing of the spinal canal. This disease occurs in any region of the spine. The narrowing of spinal canal gives rise to restriction and results in deficit from neurology point of view. The main symptoms of spinal stenosis include numbness, pain and loss of motor control.


Spine Surgery Hospital in India

Spine Surgery Hospital in India

Laser spine surgery at Indian hospitals:

India has become a leading medical hub for spine surgeries. Same holds for laser spine surgery. If you are a patient suffering from spinal diseases then you can plan for getting laser spine surgery for getting long term and ultimate health benefit. There are many benefits of getting laser spine surgery at the hands of skilled Indian surgeons. Firstly these surgeons are accredited with international ISOO 2000 level of healthcare. Secondly the cost of spine treatments at Indian hospitals is much affordable than other destinations.