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Neurosurgery in India

Neuro Surgeons in India – The Only Reasons to Trust


Neurological disorders do need specialized expertise to fix, hence the medical experts dealing with the same are called as neurosurgeons. These experts are trained and experienced in treating a wide range of medical conditions that pertains to brain, nerves, spinal column and skull. This very field of medicine is a complex stuff to treat as the complete body is seen functioning and thus depend upon the surgeons you choose. If you are considering the options abroad for neurological disorder treatment no one can beat India in the high quality and affordability element. Thanks to the presence of highly competitive Best Neurologist in India which has given high quality healthcare services with the best results. Thanks to the expertise and experience they own, which attract global patients from all across the world including the Middle East nations like Qatar. Time to check about the same as under:

What is Neurosurgery?


Neurosurgery or call it neurological surgery, it is nothing but a medical specialty, which deals with the diagnosis and treatment of the neurological disorders, which hamper the complete nervous system like brain and spinal issues apart from the extra cranial cerebrovascular system. Of late, the neurosurgery has witnessed a huge amount of change in the recent past, while the development of procedures like bipolar cautery, which involves the use of the surgical microscope and the availability of the ultrasonic surgical aspirators that have together helped in reducing the morbidity and mortality. The number of advancements in the domain of neuro-anaesthesia and neurosurgical intensive care along with the Neuro-imaging technology these days is playing a vital role in fixing the ailments. Thanks to the best neurosurgeon in India who carries the required expertise and experience in fixing the neurological disorder the best.

Who are the best neurosurgeons?

A Neurosurgeon can be called as the medical experts who specialize in treatment and surgery of a number of neurological disorders found in the nervous system and the structures surrounding the same. These medical experts are seen operating on the brain, scalp, spinal column and skull. The overall objective of the neurosurgeon is to simply maintain the oxygen and blood flow to all the body parts of the brain, which in turn help in reducing the damage and thus increasing the prospects of the patients’ survival and recovery. Now let us look at the team of Best Neurologist in India, who all play a vital role in fixing the neurological disorder with great care and professionalism.

neuro surgeons

One of the best parts of the neurological surgeon in India is that these medical professionals are highly skilled and experienced in this field. Thanks to the global and local training they have acquired in diagnosing and treating in wide range of neurological disorders like brain tumors, hemifacial spasms, trigeminal neuralgia, Neuro-vascular surgery, pituitary surgery, pediatric neurosurgery, radiosurgery, spine and spinal cord surgery along with the epilepsy and movement disorders. This medical professional called the Best Neurologist in India is also involved in dealing with the Stereotactic Radiosurgery along with the help of competitive Radiation Oncologists for issues like tumor and AVM treatment. The Radio surgical methods like Gamma knife and Cyberknife are employed giving nothing but the best of the results.

Best Neurologist in India at a glance

If you look at these neurologists at one glance, you would find them with the following expertise, let’s check them out as under:

  • Masters in General Surgery
  • MCH in Neurosurgery
  • DNB/FRCS/MRCS from global Colleges and international Hospitals
  • Acquired International Fellowship and Training Programs from reputed institutions
  • Are known for their Publications and Paper Presentations in a number of popular Scientific and Medical Journals
  • Known for their Wide Clinical and surgical Experience


If you are relying on any best neurologist in India, you can easily get rid of the neurological ailments the best. Hence the global patients coming from Qatar flock in to India, one can certainly get rid of the ailment once for all at much of the affordable prices.

Neurosurgery in India


Neurosurgery in the science to prevent, diagnose, and treat the medical conditions of our central nervous system. Our nervous system includes the brain, peripheral nerves, spinal cord, and the extra-cranial cerebrovascular system. #Neurosurgery includes various conditions of the brain, the skull, bones of the spine, spinal disks, blood vessels, ligaments and the protective shields of support for the nervous tissues.  A Neurosurgery can be surgical but also non-surgical as determined by the condition or injury and the general health of a person.  Neurological problems may occur due to abnormal development from birth, from aging, degeneration, trauma from an injury, infection, neoplastic from a tumor or related to any other medical conditions or disease.

Our nervous system is the controller, regulator, and communicator of the body.  All our mental and physical activities including thought, learning, and memory and acting are centered by the nervous system.  There are millions of sensory receptors that detect changes, called stimuli. These receptors monitor our body’s reaction to temperature, light, and sound from the external environment.

Neurosurgery in India

Neurosurgery in India

Our nervous system has two prominent parts; the central nervous system, the primary control center for the body composed of the brain and spinal cord; and the and the peripheral nervous system, a network

of nerves connecting the rest of the body to the CNS. These two systems work together to gather information from the body and the environment outside. They process this information and transmit instructions to the rest of the body, making it respond. #Neurosurgery involves correction of disorders interrupting in the smooth functioning of any of these functions. Several different neurological problems like Meningitis, Cervical spinal stenosis and Lumbar spinal stenosis, Spinal disc herniation, Hydrocephalus, Head trauma, Spinal cord trauma, Traumatic injuries of peripheral nerves, tumors of the spine, spinal cord and peripheral nerves, Intracerebral hemorrhage, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, some psychiatric disorders, etc, are treated by neurosurgery in congregation with excellent medical equipment.

When it comes to medical specialization, neurosurgery is younger than most others, and wit

Neurosurgery in India

Neurosurgery in India

nessed evolution as a surgical specialty only during the past century.  Neurosurgeons in India have for years ventured de

ep into area of treatments for disorders of the brain, nerves and spinal cord.  With the commissioning of latest medical inf

rastructure, the results were overhauled with technology, surgical equipment and extensive knowledge of the unique functions th

at make up our nervous system.  The advances have allowed a quantum dive in the knowledge, diagnostics and surgic

al capabilities.  Neurosurgeons in India make optimum use of technological advances like surgical microscope, CT scan, MRI Scan and various other instruments to successfully perform procedures.  Today, #Neurosurgery is among the most successful and prestigious specialties performed in India.

Medical fraternity in India has been playing pivotal roles in international healthcare and produces thou

sands of prominent neurosurgeons every year. #DheerajBojwaniConsultants, pioneer in medical tourism in India, helps international patients in choosing the right treatment and experts in India. The company has been in been assisting patients for over a decade and has created a legacy in providing excellent medical care at pocket-friendly costs.