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AIIMS Doctors Separates Conjoined Twins at Head in a Landmark Surgery

Doctors at AIIMS have managed to separate conjoined twins at head since birth, Baliya and Jaga in a landmark surgery. A team of 20 surgeons and 10 anaesthetists have started the process to separate the twins at 6am. Both Jaga and Baliya were wheeled into the operation theatre and anaesthetised when they underwent the first phase of the separation surgery on August 28. At around 9:30 am, neurosurgeons started to separate their brains along with the blood vessels. Finally the two were separated at around 8:45 pm and took another four to five hours for covering their brain.

According to Dr. Randeep Guleria, “Both are critical but stable and thee twins aged two years and five months were shifted to the ICU after few hours of surgery. The next few days are crucial for their survival.”

Doctors said that one of the babies was shifted to the ICU at around 11:45 pm while the other baby was shifted at around 2:30 am. The twins joined at the head are rare and occurring once in 25 million live births, which is even rarer for them to share the vein carrying blood back from the brain to the heart. There have been very few successful surgeries worldwide to separate the twins.

neuro twins head surgery

Dr. A K Mahapatra, Chief of AIIMS Neurosciences Centre, said, “Our team has achieved a milestone. However, there are many roadblocks ahead in the path of their complete recovery. We have to keep our fingers crossed.” According to the doctors, when the twins were referred to AIIMS for separation, Jaga was healthier and they believed that the chances of his survival were better as compared to Baliya. However he developed heart complication during the treatment and Baliya too has kidney malfunction. Dr. Manish Singhal, professor of plastic and reconstructive surgery said, “It is difficult to predict the survival chances. As doctors we have done our best and will continue to do so.”

Though the surgery to separate the conjoined twins took nearly 20 hours, as per doctors they have spent several weeks planning for the same. Another doctor said, “We practiced the surgery 3D print model several times before the actual surgery. It helped us understand the vessel anatomy and how to cut the brain precisely.” He also added that there were several nervous moments in the run up to the surgery.

Dr. Shefali Gulati, a child neurologist at AIIMS said, “One of the kids had multiple episodes of seizures, but when we gave medication to control it, it didn’t help initially because the venous channel in the brain was shared. We had to double the dosage.” Doctors said that the twins played happily before the surgery and pulled each other’s hair even. Basically their innocence worked to our advantage for had it been an adult convincing them for multiple surgeries taking as long as 20 hours would have been difficult and they would be psychologically impacted too. But even for Baliya and Jaga, the fight for life is far from over.

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People are often seen getting confused about neurosurgeon and neurologist and tend to replace each other. The two are different depending upon the ways of treatment and conditions that are addressed by the two. With this write up, you can get an idea about the same apart from understanding the same. Neurosurgeon deal with dealing with the neurological conditions and India happens to be a land of top and highly competitive neurosurgeons that are known to have the required expertise and professionalism. Indian hospitals are known to have the world class healthcare services including the neurological disorders. With more and more top affordable neuro surgeons in India present in the country, the global patients are flocking towards this nation for having a number of surgical procedures and treatment options that are keen to plan the treatment options in this country.

What is Neurosurgery?

neurosurgeryNeurological surgery can be called as a medical specialty, which is concerned about diagnosis & treatment of the global patients with a number of brain disease and injury found in brain, spine and peripheral nerves. The medical experts or top Affordable Neuro Surgeons in India help in giving both the nonsurgical and surgical care to the patient with the said conditions depending upon the kind of illness or injury. As far as dealing the types of illness by the neurological surgeons are concerned, the medical specialists are competent enough to help a number of patients having spine trauma and head injury and cerebrovascular diseases like aneurysms of brain & clogged arteries seen over the neck leading to chronic low back pain, strokes, birth defects, spinal and brain tumors to name a few along with checking with the peripheral areas like legs, arms, face, feet and hands along with the nerves.

The role of Neurosurgeons


When it comes to neurosurgeons, they are known to render the operative and non-operative management, which are the diagnosis, prevention, evaluation and treatment of the neurological conditions. Since the neurosurgeons are known to have extensive amount of training in diagnosing and treatment of the neurological disorders, they are usually known as the emergency room doctors, interns and doctors for the consultations.

Generally the Top Affordable Neuro Surgeons in India are known to have completed the four years of medical school along with having an internship program, who are all are known to have trained in a number of aspects of neurosurgery like cerebrovasular, trauma, tumor and spine. The resident program is often difficult and long owing to complexity found in nervous system and learning the advanced techniques that are using in fixing a number of neurological surgeries. Also, there are several neurosurgeons are seen choosing for an additional years in their practice that is set by the board of neurological surgeons.

Why choose Neuro treatment in India

Neuro treatmentIndia is known to have world class hospitals that are known to cater high quality and exceptional neurological treatments for the global patients. The hospitals are known to have integrating one of the best and advanced expertise, innovation and technology that cater high quality services. These hospitals are known for catering a number of solutions for conditions like paralytic ailments, multidisciplinary management and assessment of issues like multiple sclerosis and other issues. These hospitals are the hub for Top Affordable Neuro Surgeons in India who all offer 24 x 7 care for a number of neurological issues and emergency neurological care. The key benefits one can find with the fact that these centers & hospitals are fully armed with one of the best and technology state of art facilities that cater round the clock services, which extend with one of the modern diagnostic equipment like ENMG, EEG and video monitoring.