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Deep Brain Stimulation is basically a neurological treatment in India, which is often used to remove the tremor along with issues like rigidity and dyskinesia linked with a wide range of movement disorders. A majority of DBS therapies are often performed for the patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease (PD) along with several other neurological conditions that are characterized by trembling. A majority of successful effects can be easily achieved with the help of DBS in the vicinity of the sub-thalamic nucleus. In fact, though it may not officially fall under the neurosurgery in India but it remains the integral part of the basal ganglia that helps in regulating the complex movements. Let’s check this neurological treatment called the Deep Brain Stimulation Therapy in India as under:

DBS Therapy

Conditions for Deep Brain Stimulation Therapy (DBS)

When it comes to treating a number of neurological conditions, this neurological treatment in India deals with a wide range of treatment options. Some of these neurological conditions that are enlisted are as under:

  • Essential tremor
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Dystonia
  • Epilepsy
  • Tourette syndrome
  • Chronic pain
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder

In fact these are some of the few neurological conditions that fall in a common category that are treated with this neurosurgery in India.

Procedure of DBS therapy

This Neurological treatment in India deals with implanting electrodes deep inside the thalamus (the part of the brain handling movement related communication). Then the patient’s head is shaved and then attached with screws along with sturdy frame in order to prevent the head from moving during this Neurosurgery in India. The scans of brain and head are obtained using MRI which the surgeon refers during the surgery to treat. The head is drilled with two holes along with placing the electrodes on every side of any particular part of the brain. The electrodes are attached with wires, which are run inside the body from the chest to head wherein a pair of batter operated generators are implanted.

Expected Cost for DBS

If you are considering this Neurological treatment in India you are likely to get a reasonable option. The fact of the matter is one can find the cost 60 to 80 percent cheaper than the cost found in the developed nations in the west. Even if you add the cost of the local stay, to and fro tickets and the treatment cost, the overall cost of this neurosurgery in India to be reasonable than the other option. However, when we talk about the cost of this neurological treatment in India, it seems to be varying in many ways in different countries. In India, it cost you around 15,000 to 30,000 USD, while the same procedure in US and UK can ask you pay around 70,000 USD and 65,000 USD respectively.

dbc india

Benefits of DBS

When it comes to the benefits of Neurological treatment in India, these can be summed up as under:

  • DBS is a relatively safer procedure
  • This neurosurgery in India is known to treat all the major symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.
  • Improved level of daily living tasks and quality of life
  • The sub-thalamic nucleus stimulation, medications can usually be reduced.
  • The stimulator can also be turned off at any time if deep brain stimulation is causing excessive side effects.

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What You Get from Us?

There is no dearth of reasons to consider this Neurosurgery in India, which comes in the form of a number of facilities you get with us, which are clubbed as under:

  • High quality and affordable healthcare solutions for international patients
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  • The most affordable healthcare packages

In this way you get the best of the high quality neurological treatment in India with your result oriented DBS treatment.

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What is Deep Brain Stimulation Therapy?

deep-brain-stimulation-therapyyThe deep brain stimulation is among the widely used treatment options that help in reducing the tremor, dyskinesia and rigidity that are linked with a number of movement disorders. Most of the DBS surgeries are carried out are to fix the Parkinson’s diseases and several other neurological ailments that are categorized by trembling. A majority of successful effects can be achieved employing the DBS in the vicinity area over the STN along with getting the same at integral part of a number of things like basal ganglia that helps in managing several complex movements.  With the Low Cost Deep Brain Stimulation Therapy India the patient can return to his or her normal lifestyle.

Deep Brain Stimulation Therapy for Movement Disorders

A sizeable amount of patients all across the world have been treated for movement disorders. The neurologists are often seen confronting this ailment to fix the movement disorders among the patients who suffer from issues like lifelong disorder to fix things in a right way. With the advanced course of option as intended in the low cost deep brain stimulation therapy more and more global patients are flying in the east to get things done on right time in perfect order.

Who is a Candidate for DBS?

The patients with diseases like Parkinson’s diseases and other ailments like tremor, epilepsy and essential tremor are seen going to the doctor for the Low Cost Deep Brain Stimulation Therapy India. The fact of the matter is everyone with any neurological ailment can opt for the therapy as it is among the most minimally invasive procedures and has loads of benefits, which give enough reasons for the patients to consider the same.

How Should the Parkinson Patient Prepare for DBS?

The Low Cost Deep Brain Stimulation Therapy India is considered by people who are still responsive about levodopa, however has developed certain motor complications. These include quick loss of benefit from the single dose, unpredictable fluctuations in benefits and a number of uncontrolled abnormal movements. The patient of DBS therapy are supposed to go through a number of medical tests and other kinds of neuroimaging procedures, including MRI, angiography (imaging the brain’s blood vessels), CT scanning and ventriculography, which helps the doctors to decide the need and urgency of this treatment option.

Who Performs the DBS Procedure?

best-neurosurgons-in-indiaWhen it comes to considering the Low Cost Deep Brain Stimulation Therapy India, one has to check who will carry out this treatment option for the patient with the neurological disorder. The deep brain stimulation surgery is carried out by top neurosurgeon in India who is known to have specialization training over the functional neurosurgery. The surgical team can even include medical experts like neurologist who can carry this procedure with the concerned team.

What are the Successive Results?

As per reports, 70 to 90 percent of patients undergoing the Low Cost Deep Brain Stimulation Therapy India who have considered the procedure are supposed to give the required results. Thus these much amount of people suffering from the same help in reducing their tremor and other things. The fact of the matter is a majority of people receiving this treatment option end up getting the positive results.

Benefits of Deep Brain Stimulation Therapy in India

When it comes to choose the low cost deep brain stimulation therapy India, one can find a number of benefits for the same. Some of these benefits are jotted down as under:

    • professional-medical-staff1Professional Medical Staff – The global patients while considering the deep brain stimulation therapy India are backed with highly skilled neurological support from the doctors and surgeons who are highly skilled and professional in their approach. They are skilled and knowledgeable apart from having a highly competitive in terms of experience and support giving the global patients enough reasons to consider the same.
    • reasonable-medical-packages1Reasonable Medical Packages – One of the important aspects of low cost deep brain stimulation therapy India is that you get high quality healthcare services with affordable cost. India renders high quality healthcare services with much of the affordable cost that is hard to find out at any other option abroad. In fact comparing the surgery cost in the US with the ones in India, the cost difference is huge that can even toll to around 70 to 80 percent.
    • personalized-care1Personalized Care – Other key aspects of low cost deep brain stimulation therapy India is that the global patients get personalized care. This helps in making the global patient comfortable and feels at home at a new place despite staying miles away from their hometown.personalize care improves the patient experience and making his medical tour to India as comfortable as possible and make a memorable experience.
  • certified-medical-facilities1Certified Medical Facilities – The global patients considering the low cost deep brain stimulation therapy India are dealt with doctors and surgeons that are known to be treated with certified medical facilities that give enough reasons to make things right. We manage medical tour of foreign patients from air terminal pickup and drop-off.

The Takeaway

The low cost deep brain stimulation therapy India is one of the vital reasons why more and more global patients are getting attracted to and willing to take the same as well.

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