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Vasectomy Surgery Testimonials

I have recently had a Vasectomy done through Indian Health Guru Consultants. This entire procedure was performed very thoroughly, professionally, and friendly. 

Dr Dheeraj Bojwani carefully explained the procedure in great detail and all possible effects of the procedure. During the procedure I felt very little pain or discomfort. The doctor kept me distracted from the procedure with friendly conversation. The post vasectomy treatment was done very thoroughly, and I felt very well treated throughout this procedure.. 
I would like to end off by saying thank you to Dr Dheeraj Bojwani and staff of India Health Guru Consultants, and that I am very happy with my decision to have a vasectomy. 
Sincerely Yours

Toronto Ronni

I have just returned from India after a Vasectomy Surgery. The Indian Health Guru Consultants recommended a specialist hospital in Mumbai and not only did they make all the arrangements for me, arranged visas, a car to collect me from the airport, but they also put me in touch with the surgeon who would perform the operation and sent me his full CV. I even spoke to the surgeon before leaving. Everything went exactly as arranged. The hospital was fantastic, like a 5 star hotel with service to match, the staff and doctors second to none.

After my vasectomy surgery Indian Health Guru Consultants arranged a short holiday to Goa for my partner and me and kept in contact all the time. I never felt alone through all this and feel very lucky to have found Indian Health Guru Consultants. They even sent representatives to visit each day. My total bill was about a quarter of Montana projected cost.

"I heartily recommend the Indian Health Guru Consultants and welcome any questions from prospective medical tourists."

Matthew Arnesen

Zachary contacted Indian Health Guru Consultants in search of Vasectomy surgery abroad due to the high cost of treatment in the UK. Within three weeks of his enquiry, The Indian Health Guru Consultants arranged for him to be treated at a mulitspeciality hospital in India. He successfully underwent Vasectomy surgery. Here is Zachary comments following his treatment :

Dear Dr Dheeraj Bojwani,

Thank you for the follow up on my health. I am doing just fine. As far as the questions go that you asked me, you couldn't have done better with your service. I am thoroughly satisfied. Your service and price is far better than any service that I have seen in the UK. Thanks Again! "

Zachary Paula

Thank you very much! My trip and Vasectomy surgery was a great success. Your services were amazingly smooth, and I am very pleased. Actually after all of the emails before the trip, I felt no worries so the trip was much as expected. You can rest assured that the hospital group is a fantastic company of people, and they were all very professional and courteous.

I was very impressed with the care I received at this hospital. The hospital is excellent with world-class facilities. The doctors and staff all spoke English and were very caring. They carried out their work professionally and satisfactorily. I would recommend anyone to go through Indian Health Guru Consultants as they organized my treatment in a prompt manner and ensured that I was seen by the best specialists. The services I received from Indian Health Guru Consultants and the hospital were fantastic and value for money. 

Sean Affleck





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