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Urethroplasty Surgery in India


Urethroplasty Surgery in IndiaOverview:
Urethroplasty is an operation for the repair of an injury or a defect in the walls of the urethra. This surgical procedure is conducted to correct scar tissue blockage of the urethra called urethral stricture. The urethra is the tube that carries urine from the bladder (through the penis in males) to the outside of the body. A urethral stricture can occur anywhere in the urethra. A urethral stricture is a scarred or hardened area that causes narrowing of the caliber of the urethra. The stricture eventually reduces or obstructs the flow of urine out of the bladder, making it difficult to urinate. The bladder therefore must work harder to push the urine through the narrowed area of the urethra.

Symptoms of
Urethral Strictures:
Symptoms of urethral stricture can range from no symptoms at all (asymptomatic), to mild discomfort, to complete urinary retention (inability to urinate). Some of the possible symptoms of urethral stricture include the following:

  • Reduction in urine flow rate

  • Prolonged time needed to empty the bladder.

  • Frequent urination during day and night called nocturia

  • Sudden urges to urinate (urgency)

  • Sensation of incomplete emptying

  • Urine infections can occur.

Causes of Urethral Strictures:
Most urethral strictures arise from an injury to the urethra. Common causes of urethral stricture include:

A common urethral stricture cause is straddle trauma injury to the urethra.

  • When the pelvis is fractured, in some cases there is an associated tear of the membranous portion of the posterior urethra. In most cases the ends separate, and the patient is completely unable to urinate. 

  • Men with Lichen Sclerosus have whitish discoloration of the penile skin and can develop strictures involving the meatus alone, or longer strictures.

  • Hypospadias treatment with surgery may become complicated by urethral stricture development.

  • Other Urologic Procedures may damage urethral opening. 

  • The above represents the most common causes of strictures. Other causes include foreign body insertion into the urethra and urologic surgeries such as penile implant surgery.

Diagnosis of Urethral Strictures:

Your doctor will ask about your symptoms and your medical history and conduct a physical exam. Your doctor may recommend a number of tests to pinpoint the cause, location and length of the urethral stricture, including:

  • low cost urethroplasty surgery IndiaComplete physical examination

  • Urethroscopy/Cystoscopy and Calibration

  • Urethral X-Ray Imaging

  • Bladder scan to check the Post Void Residual

  • Other non-invasive test to measure the flow rate is called a Uroflow

  • Ultrasound and MRI of the urethra are other imaging tests that can be utilized

Preparation for Urethroplasty Surgery:

A thorough pre-operative assessment by your urologist would comprise of

  • physical examination,

  • urinalysis for the presence of blood and white cells,

  • urine culture for infection and

  • Cystoscopy to confirm the diagnosis of urethral stricture

  • The standard urethral imaging procedures like Retrograde Urethrogram (RUG) and Voiding Cystourethrogram (VCUG) will also be performed.

You will be hospitalized at least one day before the surgery. Inform your surgeon about your other health conditions and medications (including all the prescription, non-prescription medications, nutritional supplements i.e. vitamins, minerals and herbal products). Refrain from taking aspirin or Ibuprofen at least 2 weeks before Urethroplasty. Stop smoking a few weeks before Urethroplasty to prevent healing problems during recovery period. Do not eat or drink anything for at least 10 - 12 hours before the Urethroplasty.

Urethroplasty Surgery Procedure:

It involves surgery to remove the involved segment and re-attach the two normal ends. This is called excision and primary anastomosis. This procedure is best suited for short strictures involving the bulbar or membranous urethra in particular. When this repair is not possible, tissue can be transferred to augment and therefore widen the narrow segment to a normal caliber. For example, the urethra can be augmented using penile skin. Other tissues that can be used to reconstruct the urethra include a graft of buccal mucosa (skin inside the cheek). When the above procedures are not an option, alternatives include a two-stage repair where a buccal mucosa and/or a split-thickness skin graft is placed along the undersurface of the penis, and later rolled into a new urethra (neo-urethra). The choice of repair is individual and influenced by the length and location of the stricture, the availability of local tissue, and other factors. Surgery is performed uder genral anethesia.

Types of Urethroplasty Surgery:
Following are the various types of Urethroplasty surgery procedures available;

  • cost urethroplasty surgery India

    Urethroplasty for Lichen Sclerosis

  • Penile Urethroplasty

  • Peno-bulbar Urethroplasty

  • Bulbar Urethroplasty

  • Urethroplasties for Hypospadia

  • Posterior Urethroplasty

  • Urethroplasty for Epispadia

  • Penile Curvature

  • Penile Cancer


Follow Up Care Post  Urethroplasty Surgery:
The follow up after urethroplasty surgery is very important; this is because most urethral strictures recur within the first year or two after surgery.

  • After surgery, a urethral catheter is left in for 2-4 weeks depending upon the type of surgery that was performed. When patients return to clinic the bladder is filled with X-ray contrast and the catheter is gently removed.

  • While X-rays are being taken, the patient voids and the area of the surgery is evaluated. If the area of surgery shows no leakage, the catheter is left out and patients begin to void normally.

  • Most urethral strictures recur within the first year or two after surgery. Patients are seen every 3-6 months in their first year after surgery.

  • Patients undergo cystoscopy of the urethra and the urinary flow rate and residual urine is measured.

  • In addition patients have a scope examination of the surgical area in which a flexible small scope is placed into the urethra from the penis, very similar to catheterization and the area of the surgery is examined for recurrent strictures.

  • Follow up schedule is individualized depending upon the findings of these exams.

Recovery After Urethroplasty Surgery:

  • urethroplasty surgery benefits IndiaRecovery time depends a lot on the type of surgery that was performed.

  • Typical patients will be in the hospital overnight after surgery. Once they are independent enough to manage the catheter they leave the hospital.

  • It is important to limit activities after urethroplasty until adequate healing has occurred. This means no heavy lifting, strenuous exercise or work for at least 2 weeks.

  • Generally, it is best if patients do not work while the catheter is in place, however, patients can start doing work that is not physical after 10-14 days.

  • The catheter can be worn draining to a smaller bag that straps to the lower leg under a pair of pants. Wearing a catheter like this is unobtrusive and very manageable.

Recurrence of Strictures:

When strictures come back after surgery they often are thin and web-like. These strictures can cause a lot of obstruction but often can be treated internally by cutting the stricture with a scope procedure. This is dissimilar to the initial stricture that often has too much scarring to respond long-term to an internal cutting procedure. Some strictures are too dense and do not respond to internal cutting and further surgery is indicated.

Benefits of Urethroplasty Surgery:

The success rate reported for Urethroplasty to treat urethral stricture is 70  80%. For people experiencing pain from a very narrow urethra, Urethroplasty procedure can seem like a miracle. It can also help eliminate frequent urinary tract infections. One must always weigh the benefits and risks before having surgery, and make sure to find a doctor that is trustworthy. Urethroplasty can give relief from many problems related to urination like Noctiria, reduction in urine flow rate, urine urgency, etc.

Urethroplasty Surgery in India:

urethroplasty surgery benefits IndiaIndian hospitals offer the best urology care team which can move you quickly from diagnosis to recovery, Urologists at Indian hospitals can provide faster recovery with minimal scaring using both minimally invasive and reconstructive surgical techniques to treat urethral strictures and other diseases of the urinary tract. It is a fact that India provides best results in urethroplasty surgery. Most of the hospitals follow international standards of clinical care and provide the best health and medical care services. With latest technology, multi-disciplinary capability, state of the art facilities, world-class medical infrastructure and excellent  ambience, urosurgery hospitals in India are poised to become the most advanced and progressive healthcare institution in this part of the world.

Cities in India offering Urethroplasty Surgery at top hospitals are as follows;

Cost of Urethroplasty Surgery in India:
The unparalleled commitment of the urosurgeons and other health professionals has led them achieve better outcomes and improved quality of life for millions of patients who visit India every year for urethra related diseases. Most of the Urosurgeons and urologists in India have been recognized for their contributions to the specialty through national and international awards. That makes India the most sought-after destination for uretheroplasty. The cost of Uretheroplasty if compared with other countries is extremely less. Many patients select India as they find treatment in India to be extremely cheap. Most of the patients end up saving at least 50% of their budget in India.

Cost Comparison of Uretheroplasty Surgery:

India US UK
$3000-$5000 $10,000-$12,500 $15,000-$18,000

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