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W.E.F. 30.01.2014

World Health Organisation (WHO) has advised Govemment of India (G01) to take necessary precautions by seeking immunization of incoming visitors from polio affected countries six weeks prior to their arrival in India and also to arrange Oral Polio Vaccination (OPV) to Indian citizens travelling to those countries with a view to accord protection to Indian population.

Accordingly, Govemment of India has decided to make it a mandatory requirement for all travellers from WHO-identified seven countries inducing Nigeria, visiting Incia to have OPV six weeks before departure for India. The OPV is valid for one year from the date of its administration. This mandatory requirement will take effect from 305January, 2014. The OPV is also a mandatory requirement for all Incian nationals visiting Nigeria and the remaining six WHO-identified countries i.e. Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Israel, Kenya, Somalia and Pakistan.

Travellers of all age originating from any of the above WHO-identified seven countries may kindly ensure that they get OPV administered through a Govemment-approved medical centre/clinic/Institute/hospital six weeks prior to their travel to India and carry along the OPV Certificate. This is a mandatory requirement with effect from 30.01.2014.


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