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Established in 1990, the Manipal Hospital is a landmark, multi-specialty health destination managed by Asia's largest hospital management group. We are a tertiary care hospital with state-of-the-art technology and 650-bed strength, providing sophisticated and specialized medical services at affordable costs in over 39 specialties. The warm ambience of the hospital, its team of cheerful and dedicated doctors, and over 1700 well-trained support staff ensure that the best in healthcare services is given to all our patients. It is our sacrament to enrich and preserve, to inspire and be inspired by life.

The parent company, the Manipal Group, is renowned worldwide for its pioneering work in education and healthcare spanning five decades. Its Healthcare Division runs 11 hospitals with 1250 doctors and 4250 beds, 7 government associate hospitals with 2565 beds, 7 rural health centers and 14 Medical Colleges with over 9000 students and 275 faculty staff. Manipal group has ventured beyond the boundaries created by history, geography, nationality, genders, socio-economic strata and found opportunities to create wealth of different kind - in the form of health, knowledge and social security - working towards a better future.

Manipal Hospital, functioning since 1991 as Karnataka's first super specialty hospital, includes super-specialized wings such as:
+ + Manipal Heart Foundation
+ + Manipal Institute of Neurological Disorders
+ + Manipal Institute of Nephrology and Urology
+ + Manipal Hospital Diagnostic Services
+ + Manipal Pathology & Lab
+ + Manipal International Institute of Dental Medicine