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Mr. Aryan Wanderesea, USA
International Patient Videos

  Mr. Aryan Wandersea, USA
Hip Replacement Surgery



Indian Healthguru consultants had been really caring to me during my disc replacement surgery in India

Hello, my name is Aryan I from USA. I came for my disc replacement surgery in India. I had severe back pain due to ruptured disc, my physician at home suggested me to go for spine disc replacement surgery but long waiting lists and high price budget of surgery made me nervous. So I kept searching on the internet for suitable destinations and found out Indian Healthguru Consultants who provided treatment packages at top Indian hospitals of Mumbai, Goa and Delhi for spine disc replacement surgery in India. After reading patient testimonials on their website I was sure about getting disc replacement surgery in India at low cost with excellent medical facilities. I scheduled my disc replacement surgery in India with help of Indian Healthguru consultants after all documentation work and medical visa approval. I also spoke my case to Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani the chief health consultant and finally came for my disc replacement surgery in India. My surgery in India was a complete success. I didn't wait too long for the appointment date and got much price savings. The entire team of Indian Healthguru was there to look after me, the patient’s food served at the spine surgery hospital was great and the hospital staff co-operated me very well. Indian Healthguru consultants looked after my needs so well and ensured that I would never face any difficulties after my disc replacement surgery in India. I would recommend Indian Hospitals to anyone not just because of economical budget but also because fine quality of treatment here is notable. Thanks to Dr. Bojwani for assisting my treatment so well

Thank you





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