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Dr. Mohammed - Nigeria
International Patient Videos
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Dr. Mohammed - Nigeria
Medical Checkup in India

Health Counselling and diagnostic tests in India enabled many Nigerian patients to manage their health competently


Nigerian patients health counselling, Nigerian patients diagnostic tests, health diagnosis Health Counselling and diagnostic tests in India is indeed a ray of hope for countless foreign medical tourists including Nigerian patients, which has enabled them to manage their health competently. Moreover, it comes with affordable cost and best of the resources available. Tour2India4Health is a medical tourism company came into existence from quiet sometime, committed to cater medical treatments and surgeries along with Health Counselling and diagnostic tests in India. We have assisted many patients with their desired medical treatments or surgeries. Recently Dr. Mohammed got his Health Counselling and diagnostic tests in India, which helped him to locate his problem to decide his further course of action. Soon after a week we received a testimonial from him. Read on to see what he has to say about his experience.

Hello. This is Dr. Mohammed I am from Nigeria. I am glad that through my Health Counselling and diagnostic tests in India which I got with world class expertise and at affordable price. I must confess that my medical provider, Tour2India4health are the one who is responsible to make things happen in life. At the outset I begin this piece with words of applauds for them who made things evident for my further course of action. Otherwise I was quiet restless due to my back pains and other medical issues created by them. I tried hard to find myself engaged in getting some solutions back in Nigeria, visited couple of hospitals and doctors, but couldn’t find any tangible infrastructure to get things done. Hence I was rather compelled to think of some option abroad. The most disturbing factor was the cost and then I had wait list too. So I wanted such a place where I avoid these two deterrents. Luckily, a friend of mine suggested if I could try to search about Health Counselling and diagnostic tests in India. I found his idea weird though, but later he cited few examples of his relatives who had undergone their medical treatments and few of them had their Health Counselling and diagnostic tests in India. He forwarded me the contact info of a medical consultant Tour2India4Health Group.

I then called them up and discussed my case at length. He suggested me to have my Health Counselling and diagnostic tests in India and offered me affordable packages which convinced me to pack my bags and fly there. The moment I said yes, the Tour2India4Health company did everything, right from arranging a Visa to the doctor, to the hospital, everything was seemed their problems. Soon I reached for my Health Counselling and diagnostic tests in India, after reaching there I found things really moving smooth, right from the doctor to hospital, everything was being taken care of by the guys from Tour2India4Health Group. They arranged everything for me. I was taken directly to the hospital where I met a very good doctor with huge experience. He had a fair idea about my case, performed a series of in house tests, which seemed mandatory in order to have a complete idea about my health scenario. These in house tests included Biological terrain analysis, Stool test, Urinalysis, Endothelial assessment, Heidelburg gastric test, Heart rate variability assessment, my sugar level etc. While also had my Radiology tests which included the ultrasound of pelvic and abdominal. Fortunately, with these tests, everything reported was normal. Since I was complaining about my back pain, my doctor at the hospital suggested to go through some relevant tests like Blood test and Cholesterol screening and cardiovascular tests through EKG and X-ray, which disclosed that I require a back surgery to get rid of my back pain. Now with a very good Health Counselling and diagnostic tests in India I now know about the further course of action to take, which I am sure will have from it arranged through my medical consultant. I am very pleased with his consultations. I have had so may health check ups before but no one could diagnose my problem. I am so glad that finally it is sorted out.

At the end I must thank my medical consultant- Tour2India4Health Group, who had been instrumental in arranging my entire Health Counselling and diagnostic tests in India. I am really impressed by their service and quality treatment, and I am sure I will recommend both my service provider and India for various medical treatments and surgeries to my friends and family members. May God bless them all!

Thank you,

Dr. Mohammed   

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