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Gastric Banding surgery in India - Effective treatment for Extreme Obesity now available to Nigerian citizens

Mrs. Silverline, Nigeria
Gastric Surgery for her husband

Gastric Banding surgery in India gets an overwhelming response from thousands of global patients from all over the world due to world class quality. Patients coming from various parts of the world including Nigerian citizens opt Gastric Banding surgery in India since it’s an effective treatment for extreme obesity. Dheeraj Bojwani group have been instrumental in arranging various medical treatments and surgeries including the Gastric Banding surgery in India with best possible medical facilities. Recently, Mrs. Silverline from Nigeria came to India along with her husband’s Gastric Banding surgery in India. Read on to see what she has to say about his and her experience in India.

Hi this Mrs. Silverline from Nigeria, I am indebted to Dr.Dheeraj Bojwani and his company who arranged my husband’s Gastric Banding surgery in India. My husband was often bugged by his big body but often was callous about it. Though, I kept reminding him about this problem, but he hardly listened. With passing time, he turned thicker and heavier than he ever had imagined. This thus created some obesity problems to him. At that point, his life became a downward spiral. He was seen spending every moment thinking about how he could lose the weight. I often saw him trying various options right from having some specific diets to certain exercises all the time, but nothing worked. Soon I saw him dejected and feeling low, away from his social life confined himself within the four walls of our home. I really wanted to help him at this juncture. Hence consulted few local doctors, later the option of having a Gastric Banding surgery came up.

I was rather skeptic of having his Gastric Banding surgery done at my hometown, for obvious reasons. Hence I started searching over the internet about the solutions pertaining to his Gastric Banding surgery in India and other countries. I browsed for various cities and countries but got struck to a site of a medical consultant, Dheeraj Bojwani Group I had a detail discussion with them and found their preposition of having my husband’s Gastric Banding surgery in India quiet viable. Moreover, the facilities provided by them were incredible and appealed both of us.

We soon left for his Gastric Banding surgery in India. In India things were the same as discussed, both of us realized that we have got the right people and they would be instrumental in giving relief to my husband’s plight. During my husband’s Gastric Banding surgery in India, I found everyone professional and skilled. Soon the day dawned for the surgery. Gastric Banding surgery is a surgical procedure which involves placing a silicone band around the stomach to reduce the amount of food eaten. Smaller meals mean a reduced calorie intake which results in weight loss. You will not have to take a daily nutritional supplement as food is absorbed as normal; however, you will have to follow a sensible eating regime and take exercise as well. This may seem like an easier option but, it is the same as the other procedures in that it is a long term approach to the problem of excessive weight gain.It is often referred to as ‘LAGB’: this stands for Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding’ as this procedure is carried out using laparoscopic or keyhole surgery. Keyhole surgery means a series of small incisions are made rather than one long incision which results in less scarring and a quicker recovery for the patient. However, the selling point of this device is that it can be adjusted by your surgeon according to your calorie intake and weight loss. The gastric band is a hollow tube in the shape of a ring. Your surgeon can inject a saline solution into the band which then causes it to expand and so tighten around the stomach. If this band needs tightening then more solution is added. If it needs loosening then he/she will remove some of the solution. This is often referred to as adjustments and fills. There are two types of gastric band systems currently in use although a new, revolutionary type of band – the ‘Easyband’ has entered the market. The two most commonly used bands are the ‘Realize’ band system and the ‘LAP-BAND AP’ system.

My husband has been doing well after his Gastric Banding surgery in India. No complications to state till date. The surgeon suggested a couple of precautionary measures to make things proper. I feel thankful and very indebted to our medical consultant who arranged everything and kept their promised in arranging best Gastric Banding surgery in India for my husband. My husband is now a happy man after getting rid of his health issues. He has expressed his thanks to the surgeon and his medical staff. Without these people, I know my husband would have been same miserable person as he was few months back.

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