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Affordable Laser Spine Surgery offered a New Life to Jayden Mackerras from Australia

Australian Patient Affordable Laser Spine Surgery In India

Jayden Mackerras - Australia

Laser Spine Surgery in India - Dr. Arvind Kulkarni

Laser Spine surgery in India is quite advanced, and people from all over the world come here for economical treatment. Nowadays, Indian orthopedic surgeons specializing in spinal surgery use the most advanced techniques to treat spinal disorders and conditions with the help of both surgical and non-surgical methods.

Now the question arises, why do we actually need spine surgery? There are high chances that most of the spinal problems causing severe backache to get cured by non-surgical methods. If after non-surgical treatment, there is no respite from the problem and the back pain is affecting your daily life, then spine surgery becomes necessary under the following parameters:

  • Slipped disk
  • Presence of bone spurs in your body
  • The occurrence of a degenerative spinal condition
  • The weakness of numbness in legs and arms
  • Having trouble walking or performing daily activities using your hands
  • Low or lost control of bowel movements
  • Presence of dislocated bone
  • The occurrence of tumor in your spinal cord

Jayden Mackerras from Australia was also suffering from one of these spinal diseases with more than 6 years of back pain. Several years after undergoing the pain, he was diagnosed with Degenerative disc disorder by Dheeraj Bojwani consultants in India. Jayden Mackerras has an inspiring story to share with all the people suffering from back pain and to help them stay cautious of all the causes, symptoms, treatment protocols, and recovery phases of degenerative disc disease.

From Words to Experiences - Jayden Mackerras Wades off the Back Pain with Laser Spine Surgery

6 years, very long time I was experiencing the pain. I had consulted many doctors in Australia for a thoughtful cure but all went in vain. Three physicians and two orthopedic surgeons there were unable to diagnose my condition and constantly kept me on medicines that were just giving me a short-term relief from pain. Nothing was coming to the resort but the pain was increasing. The symptoms I was experiencing include:

  • The pain kept on ranging from no pain to severe pain
  • The lower back movement became difficult
  • Neck pain also started to hamper my personal as well as professional life
  • I could feel weakness in my arms and legs
  • Sitting jobs were becoming more painful
  • Irregular intervals of pain

As time kept on passing, days were becoming difficult and I was not able to understand the cause. One fine morning as I was following my daily routine of sitting in the porch area sipping from a cup of coffee, one of my old friends visited me. He was working abroad in the healthcare sector and was much aware of various health problems and issues. Though he was just a part of a reputed diagnostic center, he proved to be a magician for me. We were discussing our old times together and then I started to discuss my back pain. He immediately suggested me to go for spine surgery but was not able to give me the direction as to why and where. However, he did mention several things that were enough for me to understand the concept.

My immediate goal was to get through a reputed spine surgeon and hospital for my surgery. However, before that, I need to diagnose who do I need a surgery? Was there a problem with my spinal cord? Is there is any congenital condition? Were there bone spurs in my spine? Clueless, I just started searching for a spine surgeon. The first thought was Australia but after experiencing 6 years of pain in the country, it was difficult for me to trust the doctors here. As it is, Australia is not so much developed as a healthcare sector.

Though a tough task, I started my search through Google. While browsing all the resorts available online, I learned that India is a hub of low cost and reliable medical facilities. Read many articles and blogs on the Indian healthcare sector. There I was! I made up my mind to have my treatment done in India. And as it is India is globally recognized to have a vast pool of medical professionals and world-class facilities with excellent surgical innovations.

Now when the country was fixed, I started to source the best doctors and hospitals, and for this search, I was getting very much confused. Eventually, during the research, I came across one medical tourism company as well and I explored the benefits of connecting to a medical tourism company. This made me get into sourcing the best medical tourism companies in India because having any treatment done under the guidance looked to be more beneficial. I went on with my Google search and in the end, finalized three medical tourism companies in India for my treatment plan.

I contacted all the three companies but while having a conversation with one coordinator I felt most satisfied. And that was Dheeraj Bojwani, Medical Service Provider. I filled the query form for all three companies but Dheeraj Bojwani consultants got connected within 12 hours of my submitting the query. Even the conversation I had with all three coordinators was more effective with the coordinator of Dheeraj Bojwani. After the basic introduction with him through a telephonic conversation, I started to throw many questions and confusion on him. I asked him:

  • How can your medical tourism company help me?
  • How will you finalize the entire plan for diagnosis and treatment?
  • How can I choose a doctor or Best Hospitals for Spine Surgery in India?
  • How will you help me throughout the treatment and recovery phase?
  • What is the Cost of Laser Spine Surgery in India and the cost-effectiveness of getting the treatment done under your mentorship?
  • What do you have to say about the follow-up appointments?
  • How will you be able to manage my medical visa to India?

Lost in my own world of confusion, I kept on over pouring questions to the coordinator. The best part was that he answered all my queries and doubts with calmness and generosity. I got very apt and relevant answers to all my doubts and the last words of the conversation from the coordinator were, “Trust Us – You Are in Safe Hands”. This last statement created a deep impact. Rather than the words, it was the calmness and assurance in the tone of the coordinator that eventually made me choose Dheeraj Bojwani, Medical Services Provider for my spinal treatment.

However, even after the conversation and the satisfaction I experienced, I took a virtual tour into the history, culture, and portfolio, and success stories of Dheeraj Bojwani, consultants. All these were even more impressive. It was then when I felt; I am where I should be.

During my first conversation, the coordinator asked me to share all the medical reports through email. And surprisingly and praiseworthy, I received a call the very next day after my first conversation as a reminder to share my medical history. I actually was thinking over and over and hence had not shared my medical reports until I received another call from them. After that, there was nothing more left to think about my decision to confirm Dheeraj Bojwani, Medical Service Provider- the group of best hospitals and surgeons in India.

After the second conversation, I shared my complete medical history with all the medical prescriptions. My reports were then shared with Top 12 spine surgeon in Mumbai, neurologists, and orthopedics practicing in the Best Hospitals for Spine Surgery in India. It took them two days to analyze all reports and give feedback to me regarding my reports. Again after two days, I received a call from the coordinator who was assigned to me. He communicated to me the viewpoints of all the doctors and concluded that the reputed spine surgeons of India diagnosed me with degenerative disc disease. I was shocked to hear that stood silent for some time. Breaking my silence, the coordinator said, “Relax Jayden Mackerras, We With You.” He also consoled me that there was nothing to worry and things can go normal with a simple spine surgery in India. Though the word surgery itself act like a monster, the soothing words from the associate of this group were once again so comforting and so satisfying that I immediately asked him about-

When I can get the surgery done? and how to proceed ahead?

Following our conversation, the associate who was now like a friend to me stated that he will take care of everything. The first thing that he did was sharing some of the best spine surgeons of India and the Best Hospitals for Spine Surgery in India. With a complete list of top performers, he recommended the name of Dr. Arvind Kulkarni Best Laser Spine Surgeon in India. I took a day to research the profile and success stories of Dr. Kulkarni. I finally made up his mind to go with Dr. Kulkarni for my laser spine surgery. At this stage, I had a clear discussion about of cost of spine surgery in India. Though I knew it was comparatively low with high quality yet I wanted to have a fair idea so that I can make suitable arrangements for the same.

REACH OUT TO US ON PHONE : +91 9371770341

Now, when the doctor and hospital were fixed, it was time to discuss my travel and accommodation arrangements to India. Much before that my concern was to get a medical visa to India. Even that was not bothering me. This is because the travel department of Dheeraj Bojwani, Medical Service Provider was taking care of all my travel arrangements including visas and tickets.

While the travel department of Dheeraj Bojwani, Medical Service Provider was working on all the paperwork and documents to help me get a medical visa to India, I was researching laser spine surgery. I had several doubts regarding the surgery and hence I called my designated coordinator. He was once again calm and polite to answer all my queries. After researching through the web, I came to know about laser surgery but knowing the benefits is possible only when experts comment on the same. So I asked my coordinator and he stated that laser spine surgery is a Successful Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery India that involves making small incisions in the spine to cure disorders using laser light beams. The coordinator also explained the benefits of laser spine surgery that includes:

  • Complete surgery satisfaction
  • Lower risks and lesser side effects
  • Quick and efficient procedure
  • Immediate relief and faster recovery

I got more than I expected from Dheeraj Bojwani, Medical Service Provider and gradually, my fear and my stress level came to a zero. In the meantime, my visa was ready and the travel professionals of the group also arranged for my tickets from Australia to India. I had three weeks for my travel and in the meantime, I had to make all the arrangements concerning my work. At the other end, I came to realize later that the Team was making all arrangements for my stay in India. This included accommodation, commuting, and food arrangements.

Then after three weeks, the time came for my visit to India and I traveled to India with the booked schedule. When I reached India and stepped out of the airport, I saw a smiling man standing with a board of my name. He was a part of the medical tourism company who came to receive him. Generously he greeted me with a smile and drove me to the hotel that was booked for my stay. I reached the hotel at around 6 PM in India and after two hours of rest, I had my dinner. The food was good as well and up to the mark. The cultural difference from Australia to India concerning food choices and the taste did bother me to some extent but it was truly inspiring to experience the best of comfort for my stay.

After a long journey and an overnight sound sleep, the next day morning at 10 AM, my appointment was fixed with Dr. Kulkarni. Sharp at 9.30 AM, the associate who picked me from the airport was there at the hotel to take me to the hospital. On reaching the hospital, it was so refreshing rather a breath of fear that usually hospitals throw at you. The facilities and the manpower that came across were soothing enough to keep me at ease all through. By the team associate who was assigned to support me and guide throughout the surgery took me to the doctor’s cabin and I waited there for about 10 to 15 minutes. In some time Dr. Arvind Kulkarni entered the room. He calmly took his seat and looked at me. I was yet to have his experience but in the persona, he proved generous enough to discuss everything with me, starting from my sign or symptom to the last stage of unbearable pain that I was experiencing. Furthermore, he explained to me everything about the surgery and also directed me to undergo a few diagnostic tests and physical examinations that are necessary before any surgery. Dr Kulkarni confirmed the date of surgery 4 days after then and in the meantime, I was asked to take good care and rest while undergoing all the prescribed diagnosis. All through the discussion, the associate from Dheeraj Bojwani, Medical Service Provider was also with me. After a long and healthy discussion, I was driven back to the hotel.

The very next day, I was again picked up from the hotel at 10 AM for all the diagnostic tests in the hospital. After those two days, I was at ease and then came the final day of the surgery. My surgery was scheduled at 2 PM and I was picked from the hotel at 9 in the morning. All the preparations were done at the hospital and I was being prepared for the surgery. At around 1 PM, Dr Arvind Kulkarni came to see me and assure that I am stress-free and at comfort. The complete team for the surgery was ready with the surgeon including the anesthesiologist, a surgical technician, a nurse, and of course a member from the group I placed my trust on. Then I was placed on the operation table and the surgery started sharp at 2 PM. The operation lasted for an hour and was a success.

Thereafter, I was taken to the post-anesthesia care room for monitoring my pulse and ensure that everything was going fine. I was kept there for a couple of hours and then was discharged with a clear explanation of all the precautions and care to be taken. I was also given a detailed guideline of the dietary changes that I need to follow for some time. I was safely driven back to the hotel. I stayed there for a few days and when the doctor was assured that I have finally recovered completely, the doctor said I was free to travel back to Australia without any worries. I still stayed there for a few more days and then I returned to Australia completely free from back pain. The last smile of my coordinator who personally came to drop me at the airport is still etched in my mind and heart. The team arranged for the return tickets as well and I was back home safe and sound.

It’s been a year since the surgery had happened, and I am still having follow-up conversations with the Dheeraj Bojwani consultants. The entire journey to a pain-free life was comforting that I had much more than to thank the group, more than what I can think of. Today, I am living a healthy and painless life but all through the years that will follow, I will be thankful to Dheeraj Bojwani,consultants.

Nowadays, I experience the following after safe Successful Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery India at a very cost-effective price:

  • Better physical fitness
  • Capability to get back to work
  • Increased activity
  • Fewer side effects with fewer medicines
  • Increase in productivity
  • Improvement in mood
  • Resuming regular activities

With all heartfelt gratitude, thank you Dheeraj Bojwani, Medical Service Provider for all your support and guidance.

Thank You
Jayden Mackerras from Australia


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  • No waiting appointments and qualified professionals in every field
  • Quick medical visa facilities
  • Safe and comfortable accommodation
  • Arranging tours, vacations to any tourist spot across India

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