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Mrs. Mary Emegwa, Uganda
International Patient Videos

  Mrs. Mary Emegwa, Uganda
Knee Replacement Surgery



Uganda Patient Travels for Joint Replacement Surgery in India.

I am Mrs. Mary Emegwa from Uganda. I came for my Joint Replacement Surgery in India. Arthritis started attacking my joints about seven years ago; I needed pins installed in my ankle to alleviate the pain. I knew I was not going to get the proper treatment in my country due to lack of good medical facilities and infrastructure. So I started my internet search and came upon Indianhealthguru Consultants in India. I considered becoming a medical tourist then, but because I was allergic to many metals and would need titanium pins, I decided to stay close to home in case I needed to have the pins removed.  I gave it a year to be sure there was no reaction, and then connected back up with Indian Healthguru Consultants to arrange to have my Joint Replacement Surgery in India with the titanium pins. I checked for getting my surgery in UK or US and I’d been quoted $18,500 just for one implant in the U.S.—installation not included!  Totaling all costs, it would have cost me around $90,000. Indianhealthguru Consultants gave me options, and I chose the best hospital for y Joint Replacement Surgery in India associated to them.  The price there was $15,000 (installed!) for both special-ordered knees, including the hospital stay in a deluxe private room that was over three weeks.  The attention I got at the hospital was amazing.  The first thing I noticed was that the level of pre-surgery testing was a lot more extensive than I’ve ever had at home.  Then I noticed the difference in how much attention is given to every patient.  I couldn’t believe how many doctors came to see me every single day, and the nursing staff was very attentive.  My physical therapist worked not only on my knees, but also on the pain that had developed in my back.  One thing I’d recommend is if you can afford it, take a travel companion with you.  That long a stay was a bit lonely and isolating. I met several other African patients at the beginning of my stay, but they all went home before I did.  With my new knees now in place, I’m looking forward to living a better life.  My life had become very limited, but thanks to the excellent results, I hope now to be able to do that. I’d recommend checking out international options to anyone who doesn’t have insurance and needs this kind of surgery.  I’d also recommend Indianhealthguru Consultants for the best quality of services and treatment facilities for Joint Replacement Surgery in India.  They were great to work with.



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