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Dear, Dr Dheeraj Bojwani

This is a very well run program. I would highly recommend that anyone curious about going overseas to have surgery, do yourselves a favor and check out Forerunners Healthcare Consultants I would never have been able to afford the procedures of Sigmoid Colectomy and repair of Colo-Vescical Fistula that I had done if we had stayed in the United States for surgery.

I am very pleased with the assistance you have given us throughout. From first making contact with you, all our questions were answered promptly and thoroughly. When considering the big step of travelling abroad for treatment, it was most reassuring to have someone at hand who could either phone or email immediate replies to the many queries I had before making the decision to go ahead.

Once I had made this decision, you immediately arranged everything with the hospital, arranged visas for us and we were off within days. I appreciated you meeting us at the hotel before we left USA - it was good to put a face to the person we had been corresponding with so frequently!

Thank you so much for all your help!
Cleon Hilliar

Mr Joginder Hooda and wife-from Ontario Canada- who came to India with their daughter to attend the Delhi Annual Marathon .The couple took a very comprehensive medical health checkup package plan in Apollo Indraprastha Hospital-New Delhi India.

As an apparent finding the ECG of Mrs Hooda showed some changes in the cardiac cycle.She is currently on medication for the heart condition.

Dear Dheeraj-You have done a marvelous job.Getting a health checkup is such a pain in Canada-you have to wait half your life to get it done.We are tired of waiting their in lines.

Even for small things like Health checkups.Our while family is in Canada,and I am going to recommend you and your company Forerunners Healthcare to everybody.

Mr Jonathan Poullack who came to India for his surgery of the Colorectal Cancer.He was diagnosed with the cancer and was advised immediate surgery as the cancer is aggressive. Since Mr jonathan Poullack is uninsured he could not afford to get the surgery in USA.He contacted Dheeraj Bojwani-to whom he sent all his medical papers.His papers were studied by the surgeons and was advised immediate treatment.The total cost of the surgery and airfare combined was so less that he came to India for the surgery.He stayed in India for 18 days.

The main objective of our visit to India was to get the best possible medical attention which means the best possible surgeon and the best possible nursing and overall hospital care. The second requirement was to find the best medical services at a cost we could afford. We reasearched our options and were told by out neighbor to talk to ForerunnersHealthcare in India for my surgery.

All of the medical attention received has exceeded our expectations. The surgeons are the most skilled in the world and are very comforting with their talks. They listen and understand the patients perspective very correctly. We are blessed to have worked with Dr Dheeraj Bojwani and very thankful to Forerunners Healthcare who introduced us to the expertise offered at the Hiranandani Hospital Mumbai-India for this kind of complicated surgery.

My best wishes to Dheeraj and Forerunners Healthcare and sincerest thanks for all the good work and the help they provided me.

Get the Best Medical Consultation Please Contact Us

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