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Marco Schaffer- form USA - who came to Bombay/Mumbai- India for a detailed health check up .He was here with his wife who underwent the Lap Band Surgery for weight loss.

Dheeraj-He is the most professional and thorough Gentleman .I am not sure if he ever sleeps. I must have sent him 100 emails in a month about my planning and my wifes surgery and all the answers were replied back within hours, sometimes within minutes.

I have never seen such prompt and impeccable support for any service. I am sure Forerunners Healthcare has a very bright future with Dheeraj Bojwani.

My all best wishes with them.

Mr George Paullard (from Cananda) who came to India for the the Colostomy Reversal Surgery. He had been operated in Canada for Colostomy as a result of Intestinal Diverticulitis.He was operated at the Wockhart Hospital Mumbai.

I a very happy to have contacted Dheeraj Bojwani for my surgery. I was recommended his name from a friend of mine who had got his surgery done in India through him. He answered all my questions very diligently and made it a point that I was at total ease with making my decision for getting the surgery in India. He even arranged a consultation for me with the surgeon in India. The surgeon whom I talked to was known to my primary care physician in Canada and that was what really boosted my confidence to travel to India.

Right from being met at the airport in the early hours of the morning the unmatchable care demonstrated by all the Nursing Staff, the beds being changed and the suite being cleaned daily by the boys, the friendliness approachability of the consultants and doctors, makes me unable to praise and thank them all sufficiently. I am prepared to allow anyone to contact me at any time to ask me questions about the events during my 20-day stay with them. My wife slept in the same suite as myself, which facility is available to husbands or wives, partners, relations etc so that the patient has support from a loved one. In closing the charges made were unmatchable in the Cananda.

Finally,if it wasn't for Dheeraj Bojwani and Forerunners Healthcare-I would have not traveled to India.You have my best wishes-Dheeraj.

Nicola Sanders- who came from England for the Bunion surgery from which she had been suffering since the lat 10 years. She was on the NHS waiting list since last two years for the bunion surgery.

Before traveling to India-I researched my options in Belgium and France. Although the flight to these places is cheap,but the medical treatment and the surgery cost is still very high. I checked out India-and here talked to a couple of providers -before finalizing with the Forerunners Healthcare. Dr Dheeraj

Bojwani answered all my questions swiftly and very precisely. He knew what he was doing. He helped me plan the whole trip. It was such a seamless procedure -right from the Airport Pickup to back being at Home in UK was such a wonderful experience.

She wrote to us after reaching back Home-

It is with my deepest thankfulness that I write to you today. I reached home safely, my husband picked me up from the airport and he could simply not believe his eyes when he saw me walking around the way i did. He told me to greet everybody and tell everybody how grateful he is to get a healthy woman back.

I know for sure that Forerunners Healthcare and Dheeraj Bojwani is me and my familys choice for overseas treatment.

Get the Best Medical Consultation Please Contact Us

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