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Is Laser Spine Surgery Right for Senior Citizen?

What Is Laser Spine Surgery?

Laser spine surgery India involves a tear of less than 1 inch to a couple of inches. The small incision will produce a smaller scar and limits the view of the entire area around the Spine. A laser spine surgery uses a light beam which is focused on the concerned area to be operated for the surgery.Laser Spine surgery India is known as one of the safest technique as it is truly successful.


Affordable Laser Spine Surgery in India refers to the use of a laser, or concentrated beam of light, to perform a Spine Surgery. Lasers can cut, shrink or vaporize soft tissues, but they do not cut bone in a controlled manner and thus not effective on the bones of the Spine.

How Does Laser Spine Surgery Work

Laser spine surgery India seems to have evolved and is considered as special techniques for spine surgery that has grown in popularity. The idea of minimally invasive Spine surgery is to remove part of the disc that may be pressing on a nerve has become a popular approach. Minimally invasive technique means that there is minimal disruption of the muscle and tissue through which access to the spine is gained, hence less blood loss and more rapid recovery post surgery. Using a laser to remove part of the disc is just one method to perform a minimally invasive surgery that causes fewer scars and cuts and recovery is quicker.

There are primarily 3 types of lasers used in surgical procedures. The most common is called the YAG laser that uses a solid crystal to generate the beam of light. Other types of lasers use various gases such as Argon or Carbon Dioxide (CO2) to create the infrared light beam which is used in surgery.

What for laser Spine Surgery Used

The Laser Spine Surgery India is used for the surgery of the spinal problem such as Spinal Hernia, Lumbar spine Problem, cervical spine Problem, Scoliosis, etc. The laser spine surgery India helps do all the surgeries without any huge and big cuts and stitches and marks on the body. Most patients undergoing the Laser Spine surgery India are able to return to reasonable activity at work or in the home within a month.

Is Laser Spine Surgery Right to Senior Citizen?


This type of minimally invasive surgery is performed on an outpatient basis using a local anesthetic. As the general anesthesia is not used there are less surgical risks. Laser spine surgery and use of endoscopic tubes minimizes muscle and other soft tissue damage.

For More Detail about 100% Safe Laser Spine Surgical Procedure follow the link

Laser spine surgery India is right to senior citizen since it involves less bleeding during surgery, reduced discomfort, fewer and smaller incisions, minimal scar tissue formation, and a speedier recovery. Additionally, patients can avoid hospitalization and spinal fusion.

Why to Choose Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants in India

Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants assist the patient’s right from the beginning when the patient asks for Help and is in need. Dheeraj Bojwani consultants in India are one of the best medical tourism company providing assistance for traveling, suggesting doctors, surgeons and hospitals, accommodation, and the visa processes at Reasonable cost of Price. When the patient sends the query through our free consultation form, the coordinators will get back to them within a day and get their case processed at the earliest. The Cost the laser spine surgery India through Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants is less as compared to other medical tourism companies.


What are the Benefits of Laser spine Surgery in India?

  1. Dedicated team of vastly experienced and globally trained Laser Spine Surgeons
  2. Superior surgical techniques for the treatment and surgery of Spinal Ailments focused on minimal Access, micro Endoscopic Spine surgeries for every Disc disease.
  3. Latest Generation Diagnostic and imaging Facilities, such as dynamic Spiral CT scans, digital X Rays and MRI at the Hospitals.
  4. Physiotherapy and recovery from Experts post surgery ensuring exceptional medical outcomes with rapid recovery.


What is the Outlook Laser spine Surgery in India

After going through the benefits of Laser Spine Surgery in India with Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants, you can get in touch with us to get your appointment with the best spine surgeons in India.

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Laser Spine Surgery in India

Laser Spine Surgery India: An Introduction to the Disease

Laser Spine Surgery India

Laser Spine Surgery India


Laser Spine Surgery is a surgically invasive task that cures all pain and diseases related to the spine. The main specialty of laser spine surgery is that there is no need of opening the spinal canal in this procedure. Only small incisions are made in the spine whose length is less than ½ inch. The amount of blood loss in laser spine procedure is also minimal. Laser Spine Surgery is an endoscopic procedure that has successfully replaced old surgical methods of spine fusion treatments. Powerful laser beams help surgeons in the removal of spurs and other ailments like herniated discs.

Utility of laser spine surgery:

Laser spine surgery can treat the following spine diseases:

1)   Spinal bone spurs: Spinal bone spurs are also known as osteophytes. These spurs are enlarged forms of the normal bone structure of your body. They grow and afflict the surrounding tissues and organs. Spinal bone spurs cause pain and other ailments. Spurs can occur in any bone including your vertebrae.


2)   Bulging discs: Bulging of invertebral discs are very common. This condition causes disability and discomfort in many parts of the human body. The condition becomes more severe if the disc gets compressed along an adjacent nerve root. As the body ages the outer portion of the invertebral discs gets weakened.


3)   Spondylosis: With the process of ageing the content of water and protein decreases in the bones and cartilages of the body. All vertebral discs and parts of the vertebral column is partially made of cartilage. Cartilages are very often subjected to wear and tear. Destruction of protein and water content in the bones and cartilages is known as spondylosis.


4)   Spinal Stenosis: Spinal stenosis refers to the abnormal narrowing of the spinal canal. This disease occurs in any region of the spine. The narrowing of spinal canal gives rise to restriction and results in deficit from neurology point of view. The main symptoms of spinal stenosis include numbness, pain and loss of motor control.


Spine Surgery Hospital in India

Spine Surgery Hospital in India

Laser spine surgery at Indian hospitals:

India has become a leading medical hub for spine surgeries. Same holds for laser spine surgery. If you are a patient suffering from spinal diseases then you can plan for getting laser spine surgery for getting long term and ultimate health benefit. There are many benefits of getting laser spine surgery at the hands of skilled Indian surgeons. Firstly these surgeons are accredited with international ISOO 2000 level of healthcare. Secondly the cost of spine treatments at Indian hospitals is much affordable than other destinations.